(Even More) Development Coming to the East End.

Back in September we blogged about a new building going up on E. Broadway between Franklin Blvd & Lincoln Blvd. Well that project isn’t even done yet, but it’s already spawning a twin. The question is: Will it be fraternal or identical?  Besides the obvious fact that this new building has an extra row of apartments, the design does appear to be slightly different. I’ll update you with photos as they go along.

Like I said back in September, this is the future of Broadway.

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7 thoughts on “(Even More) Development Coming to the East End.”

  1. I’d rather condos like these than the abandoned/downtrodden homes that were in their place. My big question is what will become of the Hotel Jackson. One of these days a developer is going to get the money together to buy that place and level/update it

  2. True. The Jackson is just a few doors down. I walked by it the other day when i took these photos and it looks even more eeire than before. Piles of old dusty books covering the windows. New signs taped to the entrance telling folks like me to keep out. The Jackson is the Haunted ‘House’ of Long Beach. They should at least start giving tours and make a few bucks off of it.

  3. Is the Jackson Hotel open? I thought it was a nursing home. Then a friend told me that her friend stayed there last year. I’m confused.

  4. Thanks Anthony. I checked out your pics. It really doesn’t look too bad inside. Especially the front desk & couches. Wierd how no one is there & the door is open. If you ever find out more info let me know. I’d like to go inside & see it. Maybe it’s haunted? You never know! 🙂

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