Nosy Neighbor [That Guy On The Rip Board]

I’m nosy. If I lived in an apartment building I would be hanging out the window with my arms crossed leaning on a pillow. I’m not so nosy that I’d set up shop by the window to be the neighborhood CIA agent, just nosy enough about who and what some of the people in Long Beach are doing.

My curiosity peaks more when it seems I see, in my myopic view of the world, the same people throughout the City at various times throughout the day. How’d did they get here so fast? Why are they doing that?  What’s up with the stuffed animals?

My latest fascination is the man on the rip board. He appears to travel from the East End of the City just to the edge of the West End on Beech Street. He waves to the US Postal carriers as he zips by their route. He also goes pretty fast as he skirts his way directly towards your 30 mile an hour vehicle as you head to the Library. His ability to jack rabbit from lane to lane is quite skillful, yet, gives me a slight case of “agita”.  The odd thing is that I see him all the time at different times in different parts of the City. Why? Is he in a quest for riding a rip board for the longest time in the Guinness Book of World Records?

Yes there are many things to be concerned about in Long Beach and this is trivial on the scale but as I said, I’m nosy.

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9 thoughts on “Nosy Neighbor [That Guy On The Rip Board]”

  1. I love the strange stuff, especially when it’s consistant. I used to have this guy that road past my place every day at the same time with a really squeaky bicycle – you can hear him coming from down the block. A few times I though of running out and giving him some oil.

    But I say being nosy is the same thing as just being curious – and maybe one of the reasons why I blog.

  2. This guy is a celeb! Me and my group of friends have been watching him for the last 3-4 years. Up and down broadway and park ave all day and nite! I once saw him on Lincoln Beach with a child (10-12 yr old boy, not implying anything sick). that just enhanced the mystery that surrounds this dude.

  3. Can’t tell you how many near accidents I get in while watching him rip stick his way through LB. I find myself with questions that may never be answered. Where is he going? And where did he come from? What is he thinking about as he wiggles his morning…late morning…early afternoon….(you get it) away? Why the non stop ripstickery? What does he do with the remaining 4 hours of his day?
    Where does he buy his bandanas? His cigarettes? How many sets of wheels does he go through? Is he sponsored?

    And finally…who needs all those live flowers repeatedly torn from our islands at a rate matched only by the speed at which he rips…why not take that $ and put it towards something more worthwhile. Perhaps a statue in his honor (which will undoubtedly be knocked over by some knucklehead not paying attention)

  4. @ C Dookie — thank you, first real laugh in a week…LOL!!
    Feeling like this local hero is a neighbor of mine being that I live on Broadway and actually see him more than my “real” neighbors. Have watched him widdle-waddle down Broadway for years now. Always has a smile for me & has actually stopped widdle-waddling to direct some traffic guiding me (and my large van) out of parking spots & onto Broadway. He is my hero!!
    I am as curious as the rest…wonder how many calories he burns a day widdle-waddling?…does he use sunscreen? (he does get a terrific bronze tan going during our summer months)…so many unanswered questions!!

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