Hey, is that 10 month old ‘Don Juans’ rumor actually going to come true?

Back March of last year I posted two restaurant rumors: 1) Don Juans was coming to Long Beach, and 2) Peter Luger Steakhouse was coming to Island Park. Well, the Peter Luger rumor somehow turned into a running joke with a few of you as the second there is a vacancy it’s immediately mentioned as the rumored-replacement. The Don Juans rumor, on the other hand, disappeared into obscurity…..

Until now.

Posted on the vacant store window over at 124 E. Park Avenue is a work permit which shows Don Juan as the owner. Also posted are sketches for a restaurant layout, but I couldn’t get a decent photo of that. Do you know what that means? Well, I hope you like beans, rice and margaritas!

Does SEABYTHECITY give you the news or what? So what if some of our stories are 10 months in the making.

Never been to Don Juans?  I can’t speak for the Massapequa location, but I’ve been to the one on Old Country Road in Westbury, which has since closed down. The food is very similar to Pancho’s in Island Park: All of the meals basically taste the same and they slap on a pile of beans and rice on the side with whatever you order. Anyways, welcome to Long Beach Mr. Don Juan.

(Thanks again Susan!)

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  1. Nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s a good one with reasonable prices and no attitudes. ( we have enough of those in Long Beach and in Island Park as well)

  2. Yes, “the Peter Luger rumor somehow turned into a running joke ”

    Indeed it was, but truth be told we could use a Steak House with” reasonable prices and no attitudes” here in LB. We have enough Pubs, Sushi places, and Pizza joints.

  3. The guys who bought Nick’s Tuscan Grill over a year ago purchased Grillfire. This is slightly concerning to me as I’ve known 5 girls from Long Beach who have worked for these owners between Nicks and now Grillfire who have had to leave. One slapped a manager across the face after he stepped across a line with jokes about her sexual orientation. Another was sick of being degraged. Another just didn’t want to get hit on/watch others get hit on by a married boss. These girls all live in Long Beach and range from 18-24yrs old. I will not spend a cent of my money nor recommend anyone else go to these businesses that condone sexual harassment. This behavior might be alright in Syria or Egypt but there are here.

  4. Since we are on the topic, I personally thought Coastal Grill & Nick Diangelos were better restaurants. THey both were different from each other and had great good. When they converted to Grill Fire and Tuscan Grill, I went a few times to each, but then stopped going. Food is nothing special- more or less the same. We need variety here.. maybe that is why people are excited about Don Juans.

  5. Speaking of Restaurants, I think you should be aware of the latest news on the Restaurant front.
    Mattos restaurant of Long Beach has closed and gone out of business, and and rumor has it that Peter Luger Steakhouse is coming into that space..

  6. What’s the opinion of a gastro/brew pub with asian flair coming to LB? Over 20 different craft beers ever changing and 5 homebrews on draught? Thoughts? Opinions?

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