The New Gang (2012 Brings Fresh Faces)

(words by Shaun, epic photoshop by Anthony)

City Manager – Jack Schnirman

Coming off a stint managing New York State’s largest township (Brookhaven) as chief deputy supervisor, Schnirman has already handled a budget nearly four times the size as Long Beach.  Schnirman brings impressive academic credentials mixed with a record of successful public sector experience.

City Council President – Fran Adelson

Resident since 1985, she’s been a real estate broker for 24 years, Trustee of the Long Beach Public Library for 10 years, and supporter of the arts in Long Beach, amongst other things.  Adelson won her seat after the tumultuous 2011 election and was appointed as City Council President.

City Council Member – Scott Mandel

Another winner of the 2011 election, Mandel came to Long Beach in 2002 and has a law background.  New to politics, but Mandel has been involved with the City in recent years.

Comptroller  – Jeffrey Nogid

Having already managed $3.5 billion of Nassau County’s enormous debt and then going on to be the Budget Director of Nassau County, Nogid comes with a history of navigating deficits.  He also matches his public sector record with a long stint at the now-defunct Enron.

Acting Police Commissioner –  Lt. Michael Tangney

The long-time Long Beach Police officer was appointed to this temporary position to fill the void left by the abruptly departing Acting Police Commissioner Thomas Sofield Senior.  Tangney is well known in the City and on the force.

Director of Online Communications – Gordon Tepper

Coming on board with the new team Tepper came onboard in 2011, but now is much more active (Thanks Karen for the update).With a background in communications and PR, Tepper is here to professionally manage Long Beach’s online presence, which has been laughable at best in recent years.  With the new administration’s inauguration being streamed online (something the last admin claimed would cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars) we’re already seeing results.

Without a doubt the biggest differences between this new administration and the previous are age and their experience.  Schnirman and Mandel are in their 30s, and the rest of the group is hardly much older than that.  Many of these faces are also new to Long Beach politics and have not been part of the political machine that has made LB seem more like Chicago or the Soviet politburo.

I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the depth of qualifications that many of these people bring to the table.  City Hall now has both the academic credentials (I see an Ivy-leaguer up there, and some Masters thrown in) and public/private-sector experience managing millions that could affect real change.  But raw materials do not equal results.  There have been plenty of eggheads in history who have only made things worse, but for now, let’s hope for the best.

I’ll be updating this in coming months as personnel come and go.

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