We have a new Comptroller!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (HOORAY!! YIPEE!!)

What the heck is a Comptroller? Well, according to dictionary.com:

comptroller (noun) is a the head accounting officer of a company or government.

Anyways, we got a new one and his name is Jeffrey Nogid, former Budget Director of Nassau County. Before that he was manager in the Enron Corp. treasury department. Enron? um… hmm… Not this Enron I hope….Well, welcome to Long Beach Mr. Nogid. I’m sure you’ll do a fine job.

Read the Full Press Release below:


City of Long Beach Introduces New Comptroller 

Long Beach, NY – In this time of inherited fiscal crisis in Long Beach, City Manager Jack Schnirman and the new City Council are tapping Nassau County Budget Director Jeffrey Nogid to be the City’s new comptroller.  “With the current financial state of our city, we look forward to working with Jeffrey Nogid who brings the type of experience needed to get our City’s finances on the road to recovery,” states City Manager Schnirman who was appointed just last week.

“Mr. Nogid has a proven track record of success when it comes to cutting costs and cash management, both in the private and public sector,” says City Council President Fran Adelson. “The knowledge he brings in terms of strategic planning, spending controls, accountability, and process improvement will help enable us to bring our city back to fiscal stability.”

Jeffrey Nogid, 47, has developed and managed a $3 billion operating budget for Nassau County, where he has been responsible for overseeing a staff of 20 and managing the office of management and budget’s day-to-day operations.  An original member of the County’s “CountyStat” performance measurement effort, Mr. Nogid has won four consecutive Budget Presentation Awards from the Government Finance Officers Association.  Additionally, he previously served as the County’s debt manager, developing financial strategy that delivered 13 bond rating increases, one in the midst of the great recession, saving over $38 million.  Mr. Nogid has managed relationships with Wall Street rating agencies, the State oversight board, Federal and New York State officials, and labor unions.  Prior to working in Nassau, he was a manager in the Enron Corp. treasury department, where he managed over $4 billion in commercial paper and loan participation programs.  Mr. Nogid’s appointment has the bipartisan support of all five members of the Long Beach City Council.

“Jeff Nogid is a gifted financial professional with significant public finance, budget, and turnaround experience,” remarks Arthur A. Gianelli, MA, MBA, MPH, President and Chief Executive Officer of the NuHealth System  “He’s a perfect partner for Jack in his effort to fix the finances of the City of Long Beach.”

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  1. I’m willing to keep an open mind, but I would be more comfortable if he had come from a successful business or hospital corporation. The city needs to run itself more like a business and less like a fiefdom.

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