FEMA to the Re$cue?

(In the photo: FEMA Project Manager Bob Nash, City Manager Jack Schnirman, DPW Commissioner Kevin Mulligan, City Council President Fran Adelson, DPW Deputy Commissioner Joe Febrizio)

FEMA disaster recovery representatives met with Long Beach officials this past Friday to tour some of the areas damaged by Hurricane Irene last August. Some of you might remember Hurricane Irene as that uninvited guest which destroyed our playground, tripped Al Roker, uplifted our lifeguard shack and flooded our streets.

So here we are several months after the storm, FEMA are evaluating the damage which, um….. Maybe they should have been here several months ago? Anyways, hopefully the city will be reimbursed for most of the repair costs. MO$T of the REPAIR CO$T$.

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5 thoughts on “FEMA to the Re$cue?”

  1. Perhaps our Deputy of Public Works and recycling coordinator, Joe Febrizio, will notice while on the beach that we have no recycling by the beach. This is not an environmentally friendly beach community. Get with it, Joe.

  2. Don’t want FEMA anywhere near here. They are a corrupt organization. Let alone the FEMA concentration camps set up to contain Americans in the event of a revolt….Don’t believe me, just Google it….

  3. This is a photo-op for the new CM. FEMA was here for several weeks after the Hurricane and saw the damage at its worst. I thought we had already (according to Theofan) submiited the bills for the expenses to FEMA. If I recall we are waiting for a check for a million dollars. That was why we needed an emergency bond to pay the workers. What is going on here?

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