Councilman McLaughlin’s Quote of the Year

Skimming through Newsday yesterday, I realized City Council Member John McLaughlin said a comment that will go down as the Long Beach Quote of the Year.

In an interesting piece about how the new City Manager, Jack Schnirman is poised to declare a fiscal emergency to address the CIty’s disastrous budget problems, McLaughlin talks about his early impressions of Schnirman. To summarize, he was quite positive, and went further to say that as the minority member he hasn’t been “left out in the cold.”

Later though, he talks about how service cuts are almost guarenteed, as are possible tax increases and layoffs.

And then comes the Quote of the Year:

“This is a tough town to keep everybody happy.”

Bravo Mr. McLaughlin.  You have so perfectly summed up Long Beach. Long Beach is a tough town. Everyone has an opinion (I would know) and I’d say most people think they can do everyone else’s job better. No one seems satisfied unless they get 110% beyond what’s expected, and that makes running a City in a fiscal crisis that much harder.

Perhaps for the new year, we can all work to be better residents to one another, and to continue to bring some civility back into this City’s politics. Long Beach will be better suited in the future if it is able to abandon some of its “tough town” reputation. But for now, way to go Mr. McLaughlin, you win the SeabytheCity Gold Star for Quote of the Year.

Read the full Newsday piece over here, it goes into much greater detail on the fiscal emergency and includes good quotes from Schnirman himself.

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2 thoughts on “Councilman McLaughlin’s Quote of the Year”

  1. It’s nice to hear that Mr. Schnirman is involving Mr. McLaughlin and keeping him informed. Mr. McLaughlin and the other former Coalition council members chose not to do the same with Messrs.’ Fagan and Torres when they were in control. Could we be seeing a glimmer of civility in Long beach politics?

    Unfortunately, the previous administration, in the name of trying to keep everybody happy, created a big financial mess. Good managers know that sometimes you can’t make sound business and operational decisions and make people happy at the same time. Sometimes tough decisions need to be made for the long term wellbeing of the city. The question going forward is do we have managers in the new administration or politicians who are more interested in keeping people happy….even if it is at the expense of the city’s wellbeing? That may secure votes, but it won’t dig us out of our hole.

  2. I hope there is an investigation into how the city got into this mess. It clearly didn’t happen overnight. Overtime expenditures doubling the budgeted amount is one of many outrageous items. Where was the oversight? The people running the government need to be held accountable. They can’t just fade away or worse come back and run the city again.

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