AP Loves Long Beach (But, mostly just our fiscal crisis)

Normally the Associated Press only takes an interest in Long Beach when we get hit by a hurricane or are struck by a comically exaggerated gang fight. But no longer. Those keen news hawks over at the AP have caught on to what we here have been writing about for months, and was then was picked up by the Long Island Herald, Newsday, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg. Newsflash, Long Beach is broke, and the New Gang are attempting to do something about it.

Will they succeed? Will they fail? Will they make Hawaiian shirts mandatory on Fridays? Only time will tell.

I’ve included the brief newswire below:

Popular Long Island city grapples with fiscal woes

Associated Press

LONG BEACH, N.Y. — The city of Long Beach on Long Island is considering a proposal to declare a fiscal emergency.

The matter had been on the agenda at Tuesday night’s meeting of the city council. City spokesman Gordon Tepper says it was tabled until Feb. 7.

He says city officials want to study the legal language in the proposal before voting. He says the city is struggling with a fiscal crisis and faces a $48 million debt. Moody’s downgraded the city to a credit rating of just above junk bond status.

Officials say plans call for a curb on overtime and improved accountability.

The city on Long Island’s south shore is a popular destination during summer months. Last year, it played host to the first professional surfing tournament ever held in New York.

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