Jack Schnirman on WCBS 880 (& Long Beach is a Winter Wonderland)

(Photo taken December 26, 2011. Long Beach in the winter.)

City Manager Jack Schnirman talked to WCBS 880 about our city’s current financial crisis. Before we get into that, I must address a disagreement that I have with the reporter, Sophia Hall. The audio starts off with:

Long Beach, Long Island is a great place to live and visit with many people in the summer….

The article starts off with:

Especially in the summer, Long Beach is a gorgeous place to live and visit, with many people spending long hours in the water and on the boardwalk.

When I first moved to Long Beach somebody actually told me: Great place in the summer. The winter? Not so much. What? WHY? Granted, we don’t have Florida weather in the winter here, but neither does any other place in New York. Besides, I happened to love those cold walks on the boardwalk and the beach. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.

Anyways, listen the audio and read the article. Nothing really new here, just disregard the Especially in the summer stuff.

(source : WCBS 880 – Long Beach Declaring Fiscal Emergency)


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2 thoughts on “Jack Schnirman on WCBS 880 (& Long Beach is a Winter Wonderland)”

  1. Alas the cat is out of he bag. LB is great all year round. In some ways it is more beautiful off-season. Not too many places where you can see the sunset over the ocean.

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