What is the deal with PIPA & SOPA? (Non-Long Beach Related, but Important Nonetheless)

Ok, so not exactly related to Long Beach, but being a blogger, I feel that it’s my duty to at least mention PIPA & SOPA – a topic which basically took over the internet today, January 18th.

What the heck am I talking about? Well, if you to go to wikipedia today, you will be greeted with this:

Other sites such as reddit & craigslist have similar postings. Google is in on the action as well. From today’s (January 18th) Craiglist:

So what does all this mean? Well, from what I understand, it means this:

Some corporations are lobbying congress to pass a law to have all websites that hurt corporate earnings to be shut down. 

Rather than me getting into it even more, my friend runs a think tank called Ape Con Myth where he posted an amazing flowchart of all things PIPA/SOPA. So if you have any interest to learn more and want to save the internet, check out, because Ape Con Myth has all the answers:

The Super PIPA-SOPA Action/Info Flowchart Reference Guide 





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