Fiscal Crisis News Roundup (Plus a tip on how to get a free Newsday Subscription*)

Gordon Tepper, our city’s director of Online Communications, compiled a “Fiscal Crisis News Roundup.” Newsday & News 12 might be behind paywalls. I have access to both, so I can’t verify if non-Newday subscribers can access them. If you would like a Newsday subscription, but don’t want to pay for it, contact our previous administration; They will take care of you.


(Photo Credit – Long Beach Historical Museum)

* It’s a joke. There is no free subscription.

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12 thoughts on “Fiscal Crisis News Roundup (Plus a tip on how to get a free Newsday Subscription*)”

  1. I know city hall and I have to laugh at the Newsday debacle. With all the millions in the red, they’re focusing on something with a completely innocent background. Here’s the reality: the subscription to Newsday that went to the PR Dept. was dropped off in front of City Hall and was getting taken by whoever picked it up first. It was suggested and approved by the city mgr, that the subscription go right to the employee’s home so it could be brought directly to the office every day. It’s interesting how an item like this can become a target (the paper’s worth $7.00 per week) when the big numbers-millions-missing are overlooked. Nice stratgegy folks. Residents, wake up and smell the coffee. (Hmm. The new comptroller’s gigundo raise could buy quite a few subscriptions for years and years…..)

  2. Because it’s illegal- whether it’s a pack of gum or a new car – the cost doesn’t matter. It’s still taxpayer’s money.

    And besides that, even if it were allegedly for the PR department, I don’t think it’s technically legal for the paper to go to a private home – it’s City’s property.

  3. Anthony, obviously EVERYTHING spent at City Hall is taxpayer money. They use pencils, they have computers. These are necessary to get the job done. Public Relations is exactly that: PR. Would you prefer to pay for a clipping service? PR has to know what is going on reading the newspaper is part of the job. Oy. What do you do for a a living?

  4. It’s not “illegal” – or even “technically illegal,” as you say Anthony. The paper went to the employee’s home because the one slated to be delivered to City Hall was missing every morning. The employee then carried the paper to City Hall to clip the articles. “Stone” that creepy person! You have reached Bob Woodward status with this one! And while you are demanding lapidation – take a breather from your surface reporting. Even the suggestion of stoning as a form of punishment, which is essentially torture – is creepy and wrong.

  5. a) I am not going to get into a war over this because it’s stupid. I said my piece.
    b) surface reporting? This is a blog. What do you think this site is? Do you know the difference between a blog and a news site?
    c) City Hall has optimum online which means they can access for free. Last I checked, the internet gets the news faster than day old newspapers.
    d) if you dont like the articles on this blog, I suggest you no longer visit it or start your own.

  6. And I’ll add that as a taxpayer (oh yes I am) I have a right to question where my money is going. If more people felt the same way then I believe we wouldn’t be in such a financial mess. That being said, I am tired if this topic. What’s done is done. Lets move on to more positive stuff.


    sounds like the culprit is fruitlessly attempting to defend himself/herself? but im with you, hardly a valid reason to receive FREE home delivery courtesy of the tax payers. No it is not millions of dollars but it is indicative of the bullshit culture in shitty hall under the sofield-goodman-hennessy team was running the show

    great job with the blog!

  8. WhollyT You are making a bigger deal out of it. He added it for the joke that it is! City Hall was wasting money, cutting blank checks, no reporting things under 500, etc. The newsday waste of money demonstrates what a joke city hall is!

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