That Newsday issue.. (Seriously, my last post on this topic)

Regarding the comments in: Fiscal Crisis News Roundup (Plus a tip on how to get a free Newsday Subscription*)

Why bring this up? Well, I just want to set the facts straight since some folks tried to put me down by calling my “surface” reporting laughable. Some of you are trying to challenge me, but your motivation is more political than factual. Drop the Republican/Democrate moniker and try to think as a tax payer and US citizen (assuming that you are both).

  1. City Hall has Optimum Online, which means they can access for free. They can even create an account and access at all the Optimum WiFi Hotspots all over the Island.
  2. Newsday offers free complimentary PR subscriptions (Call them up and ask). Why City Hall paid for a subscription is beyond me.
  3. City Property should not be sent as a subscription to a city worker’s private home. That is against the law.

Things that were said to me in the comments:

Nice strategy folks. Residents, wake up and smell the coffee.

Um yeah… it’s my right to question what is happening with my tax dollars; whether it’s $7 or $7000. Every single tax dollar counts and should be held accountable. It’s actually sad that you don’t agree.

PR has to know what is going on reading the newspaper is part of the job.

As I stated above: Ask Newsday for the free PR subscription or view (free at City Hall) where you can get up to date news coverage with alert messages and all.

It’s not “illegal” – or even “technically illegal,” as you say Anthony.

It’s both: illegal and technically illegal.

stoning as a form of punishment, which is essentially torture – is creepy and wrong

Geez… lighten up. I am merely suggesting that us tax payers should get angry when we hear such stores. If you knew me you’d know that I couldn’t hurt a fly.

With that, I am done. This issue is done. I can’t take it anymore. There is nothing wrong with questioning where my money is going. Long Beach needs to get rid of the  “small town politics” crap – that includes what happened in the past, plus watching the current and all future administrations. We ARE allowed to question where our money is going, then talk about it when something doesn’t seem right.


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7 thoughts on “That Newsday issue.. (Seriously, my last post on this topic)”

  1. Anthony, keep in mind that there are people out there that don’t want anything questioned that conflicts with their political beliefs. That is why we now have news networks like Fox News and MSNBC, which just amplify the polarization. The problem is that if no one questions these things, they’ll just continue. So you go ahead and keep doing your so called “surface” reporting. Some of us appreciate it.

  2. I appear to be uneducated on this topic…please tell me how this is illegal. Is it truly illegal and if so specifically what law does it break or is it just-kind-of-bloggy-illegal-which-is-AKA-technically-illegal?

  3. yes it is illegal to have a free newspaper subscription delivered to someone’s personal residence with taxpayer funds… it is a gift with government money… true this is a nominal amount and nobody really cares, but yes it’s illegal

    above the illegality, it’s just plain stupid and the people involved are surely embarrassed

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