LB Business Spotlight: CLOUDCLICKS Digital Marketing & Consulting

CloudClicks is a Long Beach-based business recently founded by Long Beach resident and internet marketing strategist Kristin McGowan. Clients are small-business owners and managers who realize it’s important to reach potential customers online, but whose companies don’t have the resources or expertise to do it themselves.

Kristin, who has been reaching out to Long Beach businesses over the past few weeks, describes her services like so: “In the simplest terms, CloudClicks can build or update your website, run some very targeted online advertising for you, get your website to show up higher on Google, give you lots of details about your website’s traffic, and show you how to run great Facebook and Twitter campaigns—or run them for you.”

Kristin managed marketing campaigns for book publishing houses for many years and found her niche in internet marketing. “It’s not just my job; it’s a complete obsession,” she says. She enjoys working with small businesses because “it’s so personal for them; they’re so invested in what they do. So they’re really interested to hear what I can do for them.”

She says the feedback she’s gotten so far has been overwhelmingly positive. “CloudClicks’ first two clients both actually told me I wasn’t charging them enough money,” she said. “I took that as a good sign.”

Kristin gave me a few tips and pointers that I am definitely going to implement within this blog. This girl knows her stuff!

You can find out more about CloudClicks and Kristin at, or you can get in touch with Kristin directly at

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