What’s up with Matteo’s? It’s closed. (UPDATED)

(I apologize for the horrible “Google Street View” image capture)

Prior to settling on Café Picasso last friday, we thought of going to Matteo’s (777 West Beech Street, Long Beach, NY 11561). Since we were a party of eight, reservations were in order. My wife called up and was greeted with a recorded message saying they were closed for renovations. “Closed For Renovations” of course, sometimes means “closed for good.”

Here is where the rumors come in. I received several emails on this topic in the past 24 hours and this is what people are telling me:

  1. They are closed for the season.
  2. They are closed for good: “fiscal mismanagement did them in.”
  3. There was a demolition/renovation crew in there earlier this week.  They didn’t have permits for anything, so the city shut that work down in fairly short order.”
  4. Of course, we can’t ignore the long standing running joke that popped up in the Don Juan’s thread: “Matteo’s restaurant of Long Beach has closed and gone out of business, and rumor has it that Peter Luger Steakhouse is coming into that space..” I actually heard that Peter Luger was going to open up a location inside our Public Library: Part of the Eat Steak & Read campaign that is sweeping our nation, but I’ll save that one for another thread.

Anyways, you gotta love the rumors. I just called Matteo’s this morning (Wed, Jan 25th) and was given a busy signal. Weird.. when was the last time you heard one of those? Alas, the Matteo mystery continues…

UPDATED @ 2:10pm:  A reader just sent this in: “It doesn’t paint what one might consider a ‘clear picture’ of what happened.  I figured I would shoot the larger Matteo’s enterprise an email through their website asking what the deal was.  Response below:”

“The location was handed back to landlord whom may decide to reopen under same or different name.

Closest Matteo’s is in Bellmore, sorry for the inconvenience!

Remy van Driel
Vice President of Development
Matteos Rothmann’s Group

So there you go: Matteo’s is closed. I’m not quite sure how the landload would be allowed to reopen the place under the same name though…. Well that’s a shame. I loved the food there, but always thought Matteo’s would have been a better fit on Park Ave. In the meantime, for those who are looking for a new Italian Place, check out Café Picasso. It’s really good. Trust me.

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  1. Mateo’s had a location in Hewlett as well that had some let’s say “dubious business practices” and went through a series of closings until it totally changed owners and names

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