Opinion: Why are we paying our new Comptroller $15,000 more than the previous one?

I am going to keep this brief: Why are we paying our new Comptroller $15,000 more than the previous one? 

Sandra Clarson, our last comptroller made $130,000 per year while Jack Schnirman’s guy Jeffrey Nogid will be making $145,000 (Source – Newsday : Nassau budget head leaves for Long Beach).

Can we afford the $15,000 more annually? Where are the cost savings we keep hearing about? Did I miss something? Is our financial crisis over? If we have so much money to throw around, why not give something back to us residents. Free milk and cookies every wednesday?

Those of you who follow this blog know how I feel about city managers, elected mayors, accountability etc. (cough cough) A city manager lacks true accountability (cough cough). Long Beach would be better served by an elected mayor. Yep, I said it and you can read more about that here: Long Beach Needs a Mayor.

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18 thoughts on “Opinion: Why are we paying our new Comptroller $15,000 more than the previous one?”

  1. I agree.  I have asked that very question on the patch a few times about the downside of switching to  mayoral system and it was never answered.

  2. Maybe he needs the extra $15,000 to match what he made at Enron.
    We are paying him more than our last comptroller and more than he made in his previous job.  I understand he is not an accountant.  WHat are his qualifications?  Oh yeah, Enron.

  3. If he does a good job and helps us improve our Moodys rating thus helping lower our taxes what will your response be then. Give him a chance. It seems like most of the bashers are the ones that put us in this mess. 

  4. Sorry folks, If I’m going to make a big deal over a newsday subscription, I have to make a big deal over $15,000. Believe me, I wish this guys luck and I’m rooting for them too. I want our financies to turn around, so we have to keep watching where our money is going. 

  5. If they hired the right person and Mr Nogrid can turn our finances around, then the 15K is totally worth it.  Besides the Enron work history, his background looks pretty solid. 🙂

  6. My response then would be give him the 15,000 dollar in a bonus.  Let’s see what he can do and then pay him more!  Not bashing anyone and agree the last group did a terrible job.  Just don’t understand how you can justify the raise John?  We have no money due to the last bunch!

  7. I had said previously that I definitely think that it is a good idea to consolidate the City Manager’s authority in an effort to curtail spending but I would much rather see an elected official, who is held directly accountable by the citizens of Long Beach wield such authority.

  8. On top of the $15,000 raise Nogid, also gets the 6 month waiting period for health insurance waived.. and he’s not a certified accountant– what about his background makes him qualified? He worked for Enron, who went bankrupt and Nassau County who is in financial disaster?? That doesn’t make him qualified… I am SURE we could have gotten a qualified certified accountant for $130,000 per year if they actually posted the job and had a search.. but they didnt, they just hired another friend

  9. Well said Jon! F&F is the policy of our new council. Ironic that their platform swore up and down against F&F. And by transparency they mean videotaping the meetings? People who care attend the meetings (if they are not disabled.) Real transparency would be letting us know how they make these hiring and firing decisions. ANd why big raises in ur times of fiscal stress. What a joke!

  10. I find it ironic that the council and new manager seemed to give the controllers position all the thought they may have put into purchasing paperclips (I mean, after all, the controller only has to be able to make sound fiscal decisions regarding the finances of the entire city) and yet have a blue ribbon panel considering resumes for Police Commissioner. I really think the same procedure should have been used for the controller position, especially considering Mr. Nogid will be paid more and, IMO, lacks the credentials for the position. We all know how well Enron worked out and as Nassau County’s budget director he made a great fantasy writer. I would have much preferred someone with solid successful experience from a business or non-profit environment who knows how the real world works financially.

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