Report: Joe Brand, Commissioner of Parks & Recreation has been apparently let go.

I have no other info other then the fact that several.. um..correction.. A LOT of people emailing me that Joe Brand, Commissioner of Parks & Recreation has been apparently let go. I don’t have a team of reporters combing the beach for more info, but I’ll post whatever I get.  Developing…..

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10 thoughts on “Report: Joe Brand, Commissioner of Parks & Recreation has been apparently let go.”

  1. he was let go and bob piazza (who like Joe is a great guy – no criticism of Bobby) is his replacement. They fired Joe, 4 months shy of vesting in his pension, after telling him his job was safe. Horrible people. And yes, when the coalition did the same thing (to bobby actually) when they took power they were horrible people also. I don’t know how some people can live with themselves.

  2. No one will be able to run the parks and recs like Joe. Truely a fantastic job. If the comment noted is accurate its a shame because there is no loyalty and this fate will happen when true fiscal conservatives finally opperate this city after the next election cycle. 

  3. It always sucks to hear about somebody losing their job – especially when they have so much experience doing it. Thanks for the update. 

    I wonder what other shakeups the city plans on doing… 

  4. Not only did they fire Joe, but they sent a person from city hall with 2 security guards to his home to get his city car. Joe was not home and they asked his 15 year old son to let his dad know thaty they cam to take the city car from him. These democrats are DISGUSTING

  5. I thought their was a hiring freeze cause of the “fiscal crisis” And I thought they promised not to hire friends and family: Today they hired MIke Cruz (big time campaign supporter), they also hired supporters Mike Robinson, Zapson’s secretary Mia, Stuart and Rachel Banchick’s son Aaron, and the list grow and grow. This is disgusting. I voted for these guys and now they are doing the very thing they promised not to do! Word is more hiring in the coming days, despite teh hiring freeze and the so-called fiscal crisis!

  6. You did NOT vote for them you fucking idiot.

    Keep making shit up.

    I guess you’re just sore because all your unqualified, drunken, retarded friends will be unable to find work in the real world.

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