WHY COOK? Pantano’s Kitchen of Long Beach is open

What we originally thought was going to be just a pizza place, Pantano’s Kitchen (18 East Park Avenue) opens with everything, but pizza. I didn’t eat there yet, but I stopped in for what could possibly be the largest menu in the history of mankind. You’re not going to be able to read the menu items on my snapshots below, so go there and grab one yourself.

18 East Park Avenue was the old “Just Wing It” location. Not sure why Pantano’s dropped pizza.. maybe they thought the same way we did? (Read – ‘Just Wing It’ has flown the coop. More Pizza for Pizza Quest. The call for hip food joints.)

Has anybody been there yet?



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12 thoughts on “WHY COOK? Pantano’s Kitchen of Long Beach is open”

  1. Gordon Ramsey would have a field day with this menu. ha. Seriously, though, in order to have that size menu, you have to a butt-load of crap frozen, plastic wrapped, crated… not too fresh sounding.

  2. I haven’t eaten at Pantano’s, so I can’t comment on their food, but westenddude, you bring up a good point. The trend with the new great restaurants in brooklyn and manhattan is SIMPLE MENUS & FRESH FOOD. We are severely lacking in that department in LB. It’s quality over quantity. I do get turned off when I see giant menus – hence the reason why I can’t really got to places such as Avenue Cafe anymore.

  3. speaking of Avenue Cafe… i finally tried it out for b-fast on sat. due to a groupon i got. i got french toast with strawberries. ick! it was simply bread that was battered in egg wash and warmed up.

    no cinnamon(sp?), no crunch, NO POWDERED SUGAR!!! Who makes french toast with no powdered sugar and cinnamon?! The strawberries weren’t on it either. it was a little bowl of 2 cut up strawberries.

    AND my coffee never got re-filled.

    i don’t like to nit-pick, but c’mon… its freakin french toast!

    Cross that place off my list!

  4. Not only do I agree about the huge menu (both physically and content-wise) comments here but I immediately shut down the possibility of return business before I even ate their food. This decision was based on the fact that they charge $2 for delivery!! (check your receipt) Who in this town charges for delivery!! What is this, the 1960s? Then I actually ate their food…and really wasn’t upset I decided not to give them anymore business in the future…

  5. We wanted a quick meal – salad based.  We stopped in and ordered the Long Beach Salad.  It’s Ahi Tuna lightly seared on a bed of greens with roasted red peppers and dried cranberries – interesting combination.  And delicious.  The guys were friendly and even brought out brownies, while signing Happy Birthday to me.  My husband acknowledged it was my birthday but did not request the treat.  It’s not fancy but we’ll be stopping in the next time we are in the area.

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