Balaram Scores Big at Pipe (Go Balaram Go)

Local surf star, Balaram Stack, who received national attention when he surfed against Kelly Slater in the first days of the Quiksilver Pro, received a perfect 10 on a monster barreling Pipeline wave on Hawaii’s North Shore yesterday. While competing at the Volcom Pipe Pro, Balaram in his second heat, he dropped super deep into a perfect Pipeline wave and was spit out after a long ride to the cheers of the spectators and judges. Balaram received the top score of a 10 for the wave, advanced to the next round, and an additional $1000 from the event organizers.

The NYSea surf crew has been out in Hawaii for the winter season and were in the water to catch the heat. The video is a must-see.

Later today, you can watch as Balaram goes up against Carlos Munoz, Joan Duru of France, and John John Florence of Hawaii during Heat #6 of Round 4. Go Balaram Go!

You Can watch the competition live here

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