Break in Rumor (Updated)

Rumor has it that there was two break ins on Alabama Street on Wednesday, January 25 during the afternoon. As one person told me he had seen the LBPD mulling about. As this is a blog and I’m not a reporter I don’t have any official status as a journalist to call the LBPD and confirm any details.
Just be aware of your neighbors. You live in the West End your separated by less than an average man’s height and can hear Dick and Jane fight when the windows are open. If you see something suspicious call the LBPD at
1 West Chester Street Long Beach, NY 11561-2016
(516) 431-1800

UPDATED (2/1): The LB Herald has an update on this story. This burglar was caught. Read – Long Beach resident charged with string of burglaries

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  1. No longer a rumor. a House on Nebraska was entered in the late morning early afternoon on 1/26 and gold jewelery was taken. The focus was only the gold pieces. Reports are the suspect is beieved to be in custody.

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