Site News: February 2012 Edition

What’s with all these crazy rumors? Well, yeah some things that are posted on this blog seem downright riduclous, but what do you expect from a person who has no formal training in journalism. Besides, you won’t believe HALF the stuff that I don’t post. Anyways, Site News:

  1. PROJECT “BLOG” RUNWAY: The new grey banner is kinda bland, but I got tired of the old banner that’s been up there for the past 6 months. I’ll eventually dust off the old DSLR and get a better photo posted. I like to play around with settings, so expect to see some funny colors, ugly banners,  un-alignment, etc for the next few weeks. (Updated: I gave it a blue tint. the grey was so depressing that i wanted to rip all my hair out.)
  2. My host (the server that holds this blog) has been kind of flakey lately. Sometimes the blog appears to be offline or somewhat sluggish. I do apologize for the inconvenience.
  3. SPEED: I am trying to speed up the way this blog loads. A few more cache-configurations still need to be made, so hopefully things will be snappier real soon. I also reformatted some photos in older posts, such as the Jackson Hotel Journey where I cut the load time down by at least 90%.
  4. CALENDAR: We have a real calendar now. If you have a Long Beach event, please let me know and I’ll post it.
  5. PHOTO GALLERY: My photo gallery experimentation is in full swing. If you are a photographer and have some great shots of Long Beach, please sent them in. A description of your photo journey is highly encouraged. (See Shaun’s post as a good great example).
  6. CLASSIFIEDS: Who needs a LB Classifieds section when we have Craig’s List? Exactly! But, I am going to leave it up because it’s funny (for now).
  7. Please send in your suggestions and comments. I love getting emails. Also, don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook. We need more people!!!!


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