The Long Beach Recreation Center (Rink Dreams “On” for Evicted Long Beach Operator)

Former operator Bernie Shereck had big plans for the Long Beach Recreation Center, which was to include: A gymnasium overlooking Reynolds Channel complete with an indoor oval track, basketball courts, upgraded ballpark, refurbished ice arena and bulkhead family restaurant.

In his article titled Rink Dreams “On” for Evicted Long Beach Operator, Ray Thuman writes about this missed opportunity: “Considering the state of affairs in Long Beach, along with Moody’s recent credit-rating downgrade, it’s seems ironic that the City could probably use Bernie now more than ever.”

The last Recreation Center news that I heard was almost a year ago in the LB Patch, which mentioned a new swimming pool. I’m still waiting for that new swimming pool.

Personally, I think Bernie Shereck’s’ vision was absolutely beautiful and would love for the city to somehow revisit it, but of course there is a lawsuit in the way (Athletic Business NewsCivil Actions – City Evicts Arena Operator Who Contends He Holds Five-Year Lease).

So here we are today while our Rec Center just sits there and rusts. Hopefully City Manager Jack the New Gang can get things going again. In the meantime, head over to LI News Chronicles and read: Rink Dreams “On” for Evicted Long Beach Operator).



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9 thoughts on “The Long Beach Recreation Center (Rink Dreams “On” for Evicted Long Beach Operator)”

  1. Isn’t this the same guy who was thrown out for NOT paying rent? Now his grand plans are out for print. He acts as if those plans that are printed in the article are his. But unless I’m mistaken those are the City’s plans that were published during Hennessy’s administration. A real salesman! He should become a partner with his pal Fagen!

  2. It’d be nice if he paid his rent. At least that’s what was reported. The new gang… wont they be voted out when the next term comes up for a vote? The arena needs to be privatized.

  3. ….I agree it needs to be privatized but Long Beach also needs to rid themselves of all these lawsuits to avoid another credit down-grading. Bring Bernie in with his investors and see what they’ll offer….could be a “win-win” for the City.

  4. Who owns and maintains the bulkheads that run west from Magnolia? Who maintains the strip of grass that runs in front of those bulkheads?

  5. LB Police were called to stop a brawl at the City run pre-k program this morning. The city should stick to cleaning streets, picking up garbage etc. The city has no business being involved in anything related to business or education. The pool, ice skating rink, tennis courts, the beach, pre-k and child care are all run by amateurs. Give the rink to a private operator and let’s start MAKING money on that white elephant!!!

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