City Council Meeting Video (February 7th, 2012)

Here is video the February 7th City Council meeting. Again, iOS users (ipad, iphone, ipad touch) might have an issue viewing this video. If that’s the case then try one of the flash-enabled web browser apps from the itunes app store. I have used iSWiFTER and it works pretty well, but there are others that might be better.

(Source – City of Long Beach – City Council Meeting Video)

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12 thoughts on “City Council Meeting Video (February 7th, 2012)”

  1. Looks like the City Council is going to cut the budget . I,m all for it.Why is a crew of three on a $60,000.00 truck and a supervisor,necessary to sweep the curb in front of my home.

  2. Does anybody know how much was spent on snow removal alone last year. That overtime alone would kill anybodies budget prediction. I’m not making excuses for the bums we through out but this deficit is not the crisis it’s being made out to be. Raise your hand if you spent more than you took in last year. These are tough times. Cut expenditures,stop hiring at increased wages, maybe don’t replace every retiree. I think the budget could be fixed by cutting the fat alone, and yes maybe a service here or there.

  3. Worst live stream video I have ever seen. Poor sound, lousy camera angle and constant disruptions. If this is what our new PR mavin Gordon Tepper is putting out for us he should look for another job.I guess the council and his boss Schnirman aren’t watching this live or he would already be gone!

  4. Yes, poor quality video but so much fun to watch Fagan’s smug face and hear his nasty words about the previous administration, while he has been stealing from us all along. Nice Job Kathleen Rice…at last.
    Let’s force that bum out.

  5. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. An article came out this is on a shoe-string budget. Audio stinks but I’m sure it will improve once funds are actually available for a decent audio system. By the way, not sure what your problem is with Tepper as it appears he’s helped generate more media coverage in the last month than Long Beach has received in the past four years under the Coalition’s masterful marketers.

  6. fair and balanced? You mean the photoshop of Jack Schnirman as a puppet wasn’t enough? haha.

    To be honest, we only post it if it’s a press release or have something to say about a topic. I really have nothing to add to what is already written in the Herald or Patch.

  7. Oh Wait the BEST was the Honorable Mr Torres crying about his fixed income. I have to imagine that with his public employee pension and city council paycheck he is worth $80,000 grand a year. Let’s be real people. Yea, the FBI is coming to investigate. You have to laugh until you realize it your reality, your money, your taxes.

  8. If there is a “fiscal emergency” and a hiring freeze, why did they hire longtime supporter, crony, campaigner and committeeman Mike CRuz yesterday?? Either there is a hiring freeze because of a fiscal crisis, or the crisis is highly exaggerated and you can hiring your “friends and family.”

    Just another slap in the face to Long Beach Residents.

    These “new” democrats” are no different than anyone before them!

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