Fiscal Crisis News Roundup (Small City, Big Fiscal Mess)

  • Wall Street Journal – Long Beach: Small City, Big Fiscal Mess
  • Bloomberg Businessweek – New York’s Long Beach Declares Fiscal Crisis After Downgrade
  • Newsday – Long Beach declares fiscal emergency
  • News 12 – Long Beach officials vote to declare a fiscal crisis (With Video)
  • Fios 1 – Long Beach Declares Fiscal Crisis (With Video)It will take years for it to recover”
  • LB Herald  – Long Beach declares fiscal crisis (Auditor: ‘All your resources are depleted here’)
  • LB Patch – Long Beach City Council Declares Fiscal Emergency



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20 thoughts on “Fiscal Crisis News Roundup (Small City, Big Fiscal Mess)”

  1. The city is apparently no longer eschewing the news media as Jack’s PR team seems to know how to get their message out. This is impressive stuff. No more Republican garbage trying to mask reality.

  2. To assist in it’s heroic rescue the city hired a new comptroller and gave him an %11 raise bringing his yearly income to 145,000 He is a former employee of the Nassau County budget office(NIFA) and Enron.
    The future is so bright I gotta wear shades, and boots!

  3. Mr. Dimitri, you aren’t by any chance a card carrying republican drone, are you? The fiscal crisis is real. The financial problems are legit. Listen to the independent auditors that the republicans hired. This is based on facts and numbers. Sofield-Goodman-Moriarty-Hennessy have destroyed the city. Please quit defending them.

  4. I am not defending anyone. I have referred to them as BUMS. There is a problem. Is it a crisis. Only if it’s not tended to. Hit homeowners with a %25 percent tax hike, that’s a crisis. Four years of spending a surplus
    to cover a deficit, not so bad I don’t think. It was and is very dire economic times for some of us. Thank you sparing me the tax increase while the school board spends money like it was going out of style. Nice field!
    Lying to Moody’s well there gone now. It does not seem like much has to be done to correct it and move on. To listen and watch people say our city is “destroyed”. Surely sir you jest. Watch the City Council video if you were not there. Mr Fagen clapping
    with a cheering audience. The first public speaker talking as if the former council burned down house.
    It is really quite comical and I can’t help but air my personal views being an independent conservative leaning registered Republican.
    Thank You
    Rich DiMitri
    Long Beach NY

  5. Since you are an independent conservative who acknowledges what an atrocious job the likes of Sofield-Goodman-Hennessy have done. I take it you would under no circumstances vote for them in the next election, correct? Or will you have a republican lawn sign and laud them for their ability to keep taxes down, in spite of how blatantly obvious it is that they are the polar opposite of fiscal conservatives. Your team bankrupted the city, Rich. Quit defending them or even intimating that it is wrong for the current administration to make public the independent audit completed by the republican-hired accountants. I can’t see how he republicans will ever win in Long Beach again after what they did to the city’s finances. I’m sorry you can’t get over this D vs. R stuff as we’re dealing with numbers, facts and getting the city back on track for all of us. Enough yammering on about “TAXES” and various republican distractions. Sofield-Goodman-Hennessy, the republicans, are bad news.

  6. Let’s face it. They cold never run again. That is not the point.To make the audit public is not the point. It the way the new administration carries itself like they are holier etc. when we know that is not the case. I never had a lawn, you don’t know me. I am a hardworking blue collar worker,a union member and officer. I think the likes of Hannity and company are A holes,and George Bush and Dick Cheney are responsible for our countries ills today. It’s all about perception my friend and while the Democrats in this town do one thing while they say another, I’ll sit at my computer,have a Rob Roy and spout my views.I won’t hide my identity either.

  7. If there is a “fiscal emergency” and a hiring freeze, why did they hire longtime supporter, crony, campaigner and committeeman Mike CRuz yesterday?? Either there is a hiring freeze because of a fiscal crisis, or the crisis is highly exaggerated and you can hiring your “friends and family.”

    Just another slap in the face to Long Beach Residents.

    These “new” democrats” are no different than anyone before them!

  8. City manager Schnirman announces that “petty cash will no longer be petty in Long Beach” For the record if every dept in the City had petty cash of $ 100-$ 200 it would amount to maybe $3000-$5000 not too significant when looking at an $80 million dollar budget but it makes a great sound bite. Then while we are focused on petty cash he hires a comptroller and gives him a $15,000 raise. Oh yeah in case you weren’t looking he hires Mike Cruz for $30,000. Cruz will continue to receive his NYS pension. Do we really need this Double Dipper in the building Dept. He was thrown out of there last time he worked here because he was running his real estate business out of City Hall. He was useless before he was on pension he’ll be worse now. But keep your eye on the Petty Cash suckers!

  9. Here is one for efficiency in government. It’s Sunday afternoon, the parking malls in front of City Hall are full which is a good thing,the library is probably packing them in,and hopefully the local businesses will catch some customers. There is a Parking enforcement officer in a car following another parking enforcement on foot while he does his job. Both being paid a premium for Sunday but only one actually getting his job done.

  10. Yes, Hennessey is right.



  11. Happy Valentines Day Mary, These publications do not investigate the news they are fed. The City declared an “EMERGENCY” and they reported on it.The truth is in the numbers,THERE IS A PROBLEM NOT A CRISIS.

  12. Mary read each and every one of those reports and show me the investigative details. The City ran an average 1.25 million deficit over 5 years and used up surplus funds from a whopping %25 percent tax increase to cover it. Crisis not. Do you think the City payroll has increased since January 1. Is that crisis mode.

  13. look at the audit… last year the city’s expenses were 87 million in 2010 the expenses were were 76 million. They spent 11 million more than the year before. Look at the numbers they don’t lie!

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