Fagen asked to step down, but doesn’t want to.

Councilman Michael Fagen is being asked by fellow members of the council to temporality step down to give him time to deal with his legal matters. From the article:

“We felt very strongly that he needed time for himself to get his house in order, to deal with this,” said Council vice president Len Torres, who with Council president Fran Adelson and Councilman Scott Mandel met with Fagen last Wednesday and suggested that he either step aside or take a leave of absence. But Fagen refused, Torres said. (Source – Newsday: Long Beach official asked to take a leave)

This is all because of the news last week when a grand jury indicted him:

A Long Beach councilman [Michael Fagen] has been indicted on charges that he illegally collected more than $14,000 in unemployment benefits by failing to report his government job. (Source – Newsday: Long Beach councilman faces added charges).

What I don’t understand is this: If Fagen temporarily steps down, How do the votes work out with City Council? Do we get a temporary city council member? Is City Manager Jack Schnirman the deciding vote if issues go 2-2? Has this ever happened in Long Beach Before? Fill me in, because I’m clueless.





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3 thoughts on “Fagen asked to step down, but doesn’t want to.”

  1. Fagen is stepping down. That’s the word I’m hearing. He was told by his lawyer to take the plea as he’s facing serious jail time. Expecting an announcement early next week.

    Hallelujah! No more Nutsy!!!

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