New York Times on the Temple Beth El

Back in December I wrote a piece about transforming the Synagogue at 570 W. Walnut St into a performing arts center. Of course I was half-kidding. Was I? Maybe…..  maybe not. (Read – Somebody please buy this building and turn it into Performing Arts Center / Music Venue.)

Anyways, The New York Times ran a piece the other day on that very same Synagogue. Here are some highlights:

According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, as congregations consolidate or die off, abandoned houses of worship have proliferated in many communities, but are often adaptable to residential and other reuses.

…The synagogue, the second-oldest in Long Beach, has been listed at $350,000, as a single-family residence on a 60-by-100-foot lot.

Joe Scavo, the owner of Empire State Realty, a South Freeport developer and agency, said he had made an unsuccessful bid more than a year ago, but was still hoping to buy the synagogue and sell it as a single-family home after renovating it. His vision includes keeping its stained-glass windows and character intact, and adding bedrooms upstairs. “It would make a phenomenal home,” he said. “The downfall to it is there is no yard, but in Long Beach, buyers are able to swallow that, because in that location you are only four blocks from the beach.”

Read more @ The New York Times – As Flocks Dwindle, Sale Signs Rise

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4 thoughts on “New York Times on the Temple Beth El”

  1. Can someone please call Steve Adelson and ask him to buy this building for the Long Beach Jazz Festival! A local theater group? Maybe it can be moved to a different location if zoning is an issue. I would hate for this historic building to become another house for sale.

  2. let’s get a few to chip in and buy it-especially if one of those few knows how to operate a performing arts center; get performers in and get those indie films bought and shown. I’d definitely be in for a good investment but know nothing about operations.

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