(Opinion)10 towns will talk about why airplanes should fly over Long Beach (I just know it)

NEWSDAY: Jet noise, pollution to be discussed

The meeting will focus on an increase in traffic over Old Westbury, Williston Park, Westbury, Mineola, Albertson, East Hills, East Williston, Garden City, Stewart Manor and Floral Park as jets approach runway 22L at Kennedy. 

Do you know what that means? They’re going to talk about pushing those airplanes to fly over Long Beach, I just know it. Wait and see – YOU HEARD IT FIRST RIGHT HERE FOLKS! (or maybe I’m just paranoid?)


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1 thought on “(Opinion)10 towns will talk about why airplanes should fly over Long Beach (I just know it)

  1. Twenty years ago or so a regular path to Kennedy was right down Reynolds Channel. There was a significant noise factor and many complaints from Long Beach residents as well as Freeport, Baldwin, Oceanside and Island Park so the routes were changed. Hopefully, someone will remember this while they are meeting. Personally, I wish something could be done about the helicopters that sound like they are going to land on my terrace.

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