Site News: PASSWORD RESET works again (FINALLY!)

What does this have to do with Long Beach?


What does this have to do with


Well, you can finally reset your passwords again. Logging in, changing/resetting your password, changing your user name & changing your email address should now all work without a hitch.

Please keep in mind: I have absolutely no access to your passwords. They’re all stored on a wordpress server in a galaxy far, far away…


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The issue: When trying to reset or recover your password with your USER NAME or EMAIL, the recovery email either never comes or takes forever to arrive.

The Fix: I’m really only posting this just in case other people in the wordpress world have this similar issue. Because to be honest, I searched and searched and searched and there is no place on the internet that explains this issue.

If you are using a host to serve a wordpress blog and your password reset doesn’t work or is too slow, try this:

In WORDPRESS/SETTINGS/GENERAL/ENTER: [ADMINISTRATOR EMAIL]: Don’t use an email that is forwarded to another email address. Use one that is hosted.

Just create a dummy email [example:] with your host and serve it, don’t forward it. Enter this email @  WORDPRESS/SETTINGS/GENERAL/ENTER: [ADMINISTRATOR EMAIL]

This email is only used for site notifications and nothing else. It has nothing to do with your admin user name or contact forms (by default).

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