Newsday: Retirement Incentive, Local Development Corporation, Public Safety Commision

Newsday updates us on a few stories (Read – Council OKs early retirement incentive.) In the article, Candice Ruud writes:

The Long Beach City Council has approved an early retirement incentive program for members of its largest union, a move that could save millions of dollars, City Manager Jack Schnirman said.

If 13 employees took the incentive and the positions were left open, Long Beach would save about $490,000 in the first year, city spokesman Gordon Tepper said

The council on Tuesday also passed a resolution to retain the Uniondale-based law firm Harris Beach for consulting while the city creates a local development corporation, a nonprofit private entity meant to spur economic growth, Schnirman said.

Also mentioned is the creation of a public safety commission. Yeah, head over to Newsday and read the entire article. I can’t copy and paste the whole thing here! It’s also in today’s print, so go and pick up a copy.

Newsday 2/23/2012 –  Council OKs early retirement incentive.

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5 thoughts on “Newsday: Retirement Incentive, Local Development Corporation, Public Safety Commision”

  1. Christine Graf on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 at 6:21 pm
    I just saw this on the

    Its amazing what a little research will find.

    The city recently hired Mike Cruz, a long time democrat friend and supporter and campaigner in the hispanic community. The hiring was done to a newly created position that never existed before. he is paid just over $30,000/year. he was also hired despite the new administration’s promise not top hire hire friends or family, and despite a hiring freeze, and despite a supposed fiscal emergency.

    If that doesn’t make enough sense, check this out.

    Mike Cruz is double dipping. According to the NYS Comptroller’s office Crus collects a state pension (on the taxpayer’s back) for $37, 515/year. He collects the pension from his prior years of service in Long Beach (he apparently had to resign his old position because he could not pass a single civil service exam, and he was given numerous exams!).

    So the democrats friend Mike CRuz collects a $37,000/ years pension and a $50,000 a year salary AT THE SAME TIME!!!

    This is the height of hypocrisy and this new administration has a total disregard for the taxpayers of the city!


    By the way, you can search for anyone who collects a public pension from NY state at

  2. Here is a political payoff my neighbor (a LB Cop) just told me about.

    The PBA President sues the Republicans in City Hall, then he supports the opposing Democrats. The election comes, Democrats win. Now the new Democrat controlled city council, settle the case (before a judge even has the chance to look at the case, for $24,999. Coincidentally, the city council doesn’t have to approve the settlement because only awards of $25,000 have top go to a public hearing before the city council and this is $1 short of that requirement! If that’s not bad enough, the Plaintiff also is getting a promotion tomorrow, actually 2 promotions, to Detective and Lieutenant!

    This new administration is absolutely disgusting. I voted for them, and they are 10 times worse than anything we have ever had before. LB needs to wake up!

    No wonder the city is broke!

  3. Corey Klein, corporation counsel for the city, also described the lawsuit as meritless and said the city has yet to actually be served with any papers for it.

    “It’s a frivolous lawsuit not worth the paper it’s printed on, designed to be filed six weeks before an election and he should be ashamed for doing so,” Klein said.

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