RUMOR: Beech Street Taxi gonna lose their medallions?

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From the Long Beach Herald Facebook Page regarding this article: Long Beach seeks to boost its economic growth

what about beech st taxi.existing small business being pushed out?

…then help a small local business, Beech st taxi in the west end of long beach. Those family need their jobs!!!

From the Long Beach Patch, in the comments for this article: Long Beach Talks, City Listens

The Patch didn’t seem to report on the gentleman who got up talking about the 2 taxi companies in LB… Does anyone know what the problem is?

…The taxi cab company 432-5200 has always tried to monopolize and not have any other taxi companies in Long Beach. Beech St taxi (431-4444) was hoping to continue the good service they have provided for the past 6 years but they are in jeapardy of losing their medallions. 5200 has always been a strong supporter of the democratic party and Beech St. taxi (431-4444) is hoping that even though there has been a change in power that it won’t affect their status as a cab company. I, for one, hope this administration doesn’t push this local business out for political reasons this year or next.

So what’s the deal? Any truth to this? Anybody have an answer? Is it political? Is LB Taxi really involved? Right now this is categorized as a RUMOR, until we get more info.

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  1. Before throwing stones please investigate how beech street got started. The coalition took away medallions from 5200 and practically gave them to beech street for nothing.

  2. Oh I’m sure the coalition’s dirty hands were involved back in the day, but what’s done is done. I am more concerned with today and things still allegedly being done for “political reasons”

    Besides, I like competition over monopolies.

  3. good enough. I’m not exactly condemning though. I’m still neutral on this because I don’t fully know the story.. I don’t know this history that well either, but I also hate to see people lose jobs.

    I just saw this rumor and posted the following questions:

    So what’s the deal? Any truth to this? Anybody have an answer? Is it political? Is LB Taxi really involved?

  4. No one wants to see anyone lose their job. Do some investigating reporting call the companies involved. You might come up with a different opinion and then you may not. But then you will know if its rumor or fact. People read your blogs and you know what rumors do.

  5. the truth: If somebody pays me to investigate, I will (I don’t do this for a living). It’s still a blog where we post rumors and little tidbits. A blog is like a diary and I essentially just wrote:

    Dear Diary, I heard the local taxi company in my town might close. I wonder why…

    There is a reason why I have THE UNOFFICIAL BLOG OF LONG BEACH, NY on the banner. I am not here to report news the same way as the patch, herald, newsday. I do understand that people come here for some news, but most people come for the dirt, whether it’s true or rumor. And I only post the rumor if I hear it or read it several times.

    I totally understand what you are saying, but do you just want this site to be another patch, herald, newsday? We have that already. So I can’t play nice. I have to question what is going on. I have to post rumors.

  6. But your voicing an opinion by not knowing the facts. Here is one of the facts the owner of 5200 bought out 7500 in approx 2005. The reason the company was owned by 27 people that did not know how to run a buisness. Most of these people bought their medallions for about 30,000.00 dollars they were about to lose the buisness. The owner of 5200 came to the rescue and bought these medallions at that amount. Several years later the coalition came about and took these medallions away for nothing and then rented them to beach street taxi for about 100.00 dollars a year. FACT

  7. sigh……where in my post did i voice my opinion? Please read it again. I just posted the rumors that I saw and I threw out a few questions for the readers like yourself to answer.

    I did voice my opinion in my comments, but it has nothing about the history of beech street taxi. Like I said, I don’t know it and I don’t care. It was more about why I don’t like when things are political and that I hate to see people lose jobs. That is the extend of my knowledge on this topic.

    I ended this post with questions because I wanted people to discuss it so I can learn more. I didn’t think it was going to end up being me defending myself for posting a “rumor”.

    I am not disagreeing with you. I am just trying to tell you why I posted this rumor.

    I appreciate the info that you are posting and that is how I learn about stuff, but you have to understand: this is a blog. I don’t have to do investigative reporting on every single subject.

    Please read my post again and you will see the following:

    1. copy and pasted rumors posted on the patch & herald.
    2. questions about those rumors.

    no opinions.

  8. Two wrongs don’t make a right… Beech street taxi should stay! Can someone please tell the LB Taxi company to stop screaming Taxi when you get off the train. We see them if we want them we will use them.

  9. My feeling is that competition is good helps the comsumer get better quality service . If a company knows they are the only game in town why do they need to care and provide good service. The people of Long Beach deserve the right to choose and get the best for their money. It shouldnt be about politics it should be about our residents

  10. So the person who lost approx 700,000 because his medallions were illegaly taken away by the coalition should just let it go. The owner of Beech street who got them for the rental price of 100.00 a year per cab should be allowed to continue because of competition. Sounds like the american way.

  11. Sounds like the truth is the LB taxi owner.. The fact is before Beech Taxi we had LB Taxi who treated LB residents terribly! Now we have a choice and competition is the American Way. A Monopoly is not what LB needs or wants! Ask any resident and they will tell you they want Beech and LB Taxi

  12. If the truth spoke the truth I am sure it would have been straightened out in court along time ago. I’ve seen people dragged into court for $70.00 never mind $700,000.00 as you claim.

  13. my name is thomas cipolla,i am the president and owner of beech st taxi.most all of you know my position on this taxi issue in long assured any message,or comment i wish to send will have my name attached.i for one am a man,and i don’t need to hide behind a phony name.this is wrong period we are being pushed out and don’t know why.what happened between the city and 5200’s medallions are not my concern.for the bargain rental price of 100 dollars i borrowed over 400,000$ for my business to succeed.let’s get the facts straight folks.

  14. There are always law suits over everything. You can sue anyone over anything at all. Stick to the topic at hand. From what I have read, it seems that 5200 has been in cohoots with the dems for years and are trying to keep a monopoly on the taxi company. Why can’t there be more than 1 cab company in LB?? 5200 is not a company I would ever use personally, as I believe if I am paying for a service I should be treated kindly and with respect and you dont get that with 5200. That is why, we, as residents, deserve choice with the services we pay for!

  15. From my understanding, based on talks from a former 7500 driver, the monopoly began the minute 5200 circumvented the city of long beach in the purchase of 3rd party medallions. The city imposes the regulations to screen the drivers of all taxi’s for the safety of the public. THAT is why the medallions were labeled as ABANDONED and taken away from 5200. In light of the new party, and their unfair bias in favor of 5200, they are allowing the company to crowd the right side of the LIRR taxi stand (of which they already OWN an entire lot to the left side – political pun intended). To the unknowing commuter or visitor this becomes confusing, as “ironically” many of the 5200 cars have been made almost identical to Beech Street to the untrained eye. All and all, those courteous,respectful and deserving drivers from both companies suffer in conflict like this – and the public more so.

  16. Truth why don’t you want Beech st Taxi around? Either you are the owner LB Taxi or you are jealous that Beech Street opened and you didn’t have means to open one yourself.

    If you are the owner.. the guy who answers the phone for you is a JERK! I can’t stand the way he talks to people on the phone.

  17. Its not about beech street taxi being around its what was done to a friend that concerns me. As a former owner of a 7500 taxi he helped us when we were down. The coalition went after him, is he due no recourse. People should know the whole story but im not at liberty. Maybe Tom Cippola can enlighten you all on the truth.

  18. So you are friends with LB Taxi… Well as a non-friend of both I want competition and I want Beech Street to stay. I could careless about the political side of all of this. The fact that I have 2 companies to choose from is a wonderful thing. LB Taxi had a monopoly or having one in the future does not help LB in anyway. You need to look at what is best for LB not your friend.
    Again please tell him to stop having his guys scream at us as we get off the train. We work long hours and don’t need it. We know where they are LB on the left Beech on the right.

  19. regardless of what the truth is, looks like 5200 is taking over the west side of the station as well. I hope they keep West End in biz though. Have had bad experiences in the past with 5200

  20. 5200 taxi sucks! Their service stinks, never mind their drivers. Beech Street all the way (I am in no way associated with Beech Street, just a completely satisfied customer)

  21. Did you ever drive with the big guy from beech street that puts more people in his car and drives like a mad man. Was with friends one night we were scared and asked to get out and he screamed at us. Never again beech street. the heavyset man that puts people in the cabs for the white cabs is a gentlemen

  22. Why are you so concerned with how much the city charged for the medallions? Thats not the businesses fault- thats your own jealousy. The medallions were taken because you were trying to monopolize them and weren’t even using them!

  23. as I read all the posts I see complaints about the service and the drivers thats why we need 2 companies so if you dont like one you can use the other… thats the point

  24. To Jon why am i concerned about what beech street paid. Well say you own a home and the political party takes it away for no other reason that you dont agree with them poltically and gives it to someone else for pratically nothing. Thats fair. I understand beech street is pushing its customers to write and call but know the facts first. Mr Cippola was asked a question still no answer. How much did he pay for a medallion. When i was an owner a medallion was worth between 35000-40000. If the city took them away should they have not made money for the city.

  25. @thetruth…your point about the fairness is a valid point. BUT that does not ignore the obvious action to drive business away from Beech Street. Again, 5200 has an entire parking lot at the rail. There is no excuse as to why they need to infiltrate Beech Street’s line-up. Period. If they are fighting the city, fine, fight the city. But don’t pull a move like this, it decreases the credibility of the company’s cry for “fairness”. Which everyone knows is b.s anyway. Only the unfamiliar use 5200. And every resident knows why.

  26. They didnt “take away” the medallions just to take them! They took them because they were obtained in an unorthodox way. They knew that when they bought them. But the owner of 5200 found every loophole possible to get around it. The city fought back. Beech Street saw an opportunity to provide a better service to the public. Case closed. Tell the truth, thetruth. 🙂

  27. DTek First you talked about drivers. 5200 has been a strong supporter of the TLC in Mineola. All drivers must be given the ok where they must pass drug and background checks. Can you say that beach street adheres to this policy . Also you talk about the rail road have you ever been to the west end on virgina ave where the owner of 5200 maintains a line and pays people to make sure order and safety is maintained. Beach street taxi will sometimes pull up on this site and steal fares from 5200 or better yet they will be on the oppoiste of beech yelling for passengers to cross beach street putting themselves in danger as they cross w beech street.

  28. I was an owner of 7500 they were not bought in an unorthodox way. Check your Facts. Sorry if you are one of the many owners that did not check the facts before buying into beech street.

  29. ok this is tom cipolla not a concerned citizen,not the truth,but tom cipolla.i have worked for 5200 for a very long time before i opened beech st the owner knows i am very good at what i do.the facts people are the following.i don’t wish to comment on why 5200 lost it’s medallions honestly it doesn’t concern me.but,they lost their medallions before i some of you may know i started with one car,a transporter,and i have always operated legal since day one.i believe i was not the only applicant,and both companies pay 200 a year

  30. All drivers, via LB Hack applications, require drug and background checks. And in regards to your example, this hack license gives the ability to offer taxi service off any street. If Beech is driving along an empty public street at 4am, that 5200 threw a taxi stand sign on, thats just fair game. Yet, the railroad has had a line drawn through it for decades. And back when 7500 was a separate company, 5200 was pulling the same tricks as they are now. Look, competition is competition. But the reality is, LB is a large enough city for everyone to coexist and make money. 5200 has a 30+ fleet. For them to hustle a 10 car fleet and cry for equal treatment is a joke.

  31. I appreciate your honesty. You say you pay 200.00 a year. Just one question and then i will go away. Did you have an intial payment for the medallions.

  32. Dtek when 7500 was its own 5200 never parked there. But when 5200 bought 7500 it was given its rights. 5200 pays rent for its east side stand. Back in the day 7500 shared with 8800 it was a public area. In regards to picking up on the street the city charter rules against that. But during the coalition years they did give permission for both beech street and 5200 to maintain lines on both the north and soutside of beech and virginia.

  33. no no initial payment.i must pay a licensing fee every year per.also pay top tier livery insurance,workman’s comp,tlc fees,maintenance and repairs for my vehicles as i do not own my own shop.all the things a legal operating company is required.and i don’t want you to go away,i can debate this with you anytime.

  34. and our line is a joke,room for 3 vehicles,and when people don’t obey the taxi line sign,they’re simply given ticket’s not does this give us an equal opportunity in the west end.the truth is i don’t have anything bad to say about anyone i just want to run my business.

  35. let us not forget,the city wanted 2 companies here 4 years ago,and if it wasn’t me it would have been someone else.i wonder if they would have packed up their tents.i don’t know but my company and my employees deserve at least an explanation,not just to go to work one day and have this to deal’s hard enough to make it as it is.

  36. So Tom you were given a company free and clear and no cost for medallions. As you know the owner of 5200 paid approx 30000.00 to 40000.00 when he purchased these medallions. So do you think he should just give up and take it as a loss. What would your suggestion be. I once again thank you for your honesty.

  37. I’m not a fan of 5200. The drivers and their cars are so so at best and the dispatcher is condescending and rude. I’ll walk before I would use 5200 ever again. KEEP BEECH ST. TAXI!!!

  38. Truth LB Taxi is TERRIBLE!! All of LB knows that! I don’t care if he lost a million dollars LB needs more than one taxi company. If the city took the medallions then that was a good move in my mind. Monopoly isn’t a good thing.

  39. @the truth: you have YET to give a reasonable explanation as to why it’s justified for 5200 to take up spots in the Beech St rail line. All I have heard, are requests for additional explanation as to the start up history of Beech St. All the while, we have a clear display of the beginnings of another attempt to monopolize the taxi operations in LB. Will YOU please explain the legitimacy of that claim, sir?

  40. That big guy is the reason i use beach st taxi. That guy is the man. Hes always extremely friendly and has many years of experience on the force. Never once has he driven like a mad man when i was in his car and i request him frequently. Hes always so courteous. Lb taxi is horrible and they always are nasty to you on the pohone. Their cabs reak of amoke and rheir drivers are horrible. Beech st all the way

  41. why do you think my company was the cause for 5200 losing anything.i don’t,but one thing remains unclear,why did they lose medallions?what reason did they give?i know it wan’t because i was opening.and i don’t know what they should do,who was wrong,why it was done,i only know i didn’t do it,neither did my employees.but i hope this doesn’t turn into a personal attack on anyone,not interested

  42. I hope this doesnt become a political ploy- Beech St taxi is a good, hard woeking company. Lets hope politics doesnt play a part and they keep servicing LB in a positive way!

  43. For the first time EVER I got off the train today after working 12hr day and didn’t have someone scream TAXI at me. Thank you! I noticed and the peace and quiet was nice

  44. You didn’t get the medallion for $40000, you bought the entire business of 7500 and with that business came the medallions- don’t act like you bought each medallion for $40000

  45. Also why are you saying you. do not own 5200 i am just a concerned person seeing that people dont get scrwed. Like the owner of 5200. You have a right to defend beech street and i have a right to defend a company who was scrwed in the past. This rumor was posted here and i gave my opinion. Now its up to someone to decide. Thats it for me. People have their sides and there is no sense rehashing this.

  46. Please continue posting what you hear or even what you think – it’s a good way for dialogues to start, rumors be debunked or truth be found, etc. I learned a few things just reading the comments on this post that I had not heard before (nor do I necessarily believe).

  47. i wish you long beach residents would support your small business in your community. people need their jobs in your town.don’t you want beech st. taxi to succeed and bring jobs to your residents, if you don’t support small business, they will be forced to close their doors. your community will change will have to commute further and further to shop and buy what you need.don’t support someone that’s already `the local small business. i hope beech taxi succeeds and get’s the support they need.good luck beech st. taxi honest business usually have a very good chance, wake up long beach you won’t be dissapointed.emz

  48. I for one have always used both taxis to give
    equal opportunity to both organizations. However, I’m supporting Beech Street
    Taxi exclusively till 5200 leaves the so called “Open Space”. Beech Street Taxi
    provides excellent service and should be allowed to function without these
    scare tactics. If you believe Beech Street should exists, than strike 5200 till
    they get the point…Thank You

  49. There was an obnoxious driver named Ed who drove for beech street. Loud mouth idiot who always called people for directions. Made jokes and fun of me and my friends. Called and complained. I think he was fired thank god. Only service I will use now is 5200.

  50. if the truth speaks the truth then a side deal (not done through the City which issues the medallions) for more than $2,000,000 (52 medallions for 40,000) was consummated for the 7500 business. Not likely and since he hides behind anonymity why not disclose the facts rather than allude to them? Do not tell people to do more research.

    Competition is healthy and what capitalism is based on. The city owns the medallions. The companies go through the city to use them. If the city determined that competition was needed then it is their perogative.

    Would be a shame to see the new company shelved by the new administration.

  51. Lisa, that shows us how much Beech St taxi takes pride in the way drivers treat the people they are servicing, hence the firing of this guy. This is the exact reason why people dislike using 5200- the owner who is the dispatcher is the most obnoxious man on the planet and everyone hates having to deal with him– as are many (NOT all) of his drivers. This is the reason we need competition and choice in this town!

  52. Why would the new administration do this. They already raised the DOW!!! It’s not vindictive small town politics is it. No NIMBY Say it ain’t so

  53. Rich D, we now have learned why they are doing this– Mike Zapson, democratic party leader, is the lawyer for 5200. He thinks now because he is the majority leader and his party is in charge, he can do whatever he wants. We need to stand up and let Zapson know that just because he is the majority leader does not mean he can do whatever he wants to the citizens, services, and businesses in LB!

  54. That’s going to be very difficult. At least 2 election cycles and an informed public. The truth is he now runs this town and there is not much we can do about. Do you believe in Karma. That’s all we have right now.

  55. So you are telling me that because Zapsons party won, he virtually can and will do whatever he wants without regard to anyone else?? Do we now live in a dictatorship? Is that how Zapson and his party works?

  56. Here is a political payoff my neighbor (a LB Cop) just told me about.

    The PBA President sues the Republicans in City Hall, then he supports the opposing Democrats. The election comes, Democrats win. Now the new Democrat controlled city council, settle the case (before a judge even has the chance to look at the case, for $24,999. Coincidentally, the city council doesn’t have to approve the settlement because only awards of $25,000 have top go to a public hearing before the city council and this is $1 short of that requirement! If that’s not bad enough, the Plaintiff also is getting a promotion tomorrow, actually 2 promotions, to Detective and Lieutenant!

    This new administration is absolutely disgusting. I voted for them, and they are 10 times worse than anything we have ever had before. LB needs to wake up!

    No wonder the city is broke!

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