Release: City of Long Beach Slashing Overtime Costs

Long Beach, NY – With the City of Long Beach in the midst of an inherited fiscal crisis,  the new administration has begun slashing spending.  A major financial issue in recent years has been exorbitant overtime costs. In mid-January, the City launched a thorough overtime pre-approval policy that requires employees to obtain several signatures, including that of the city manager and the comptroller, prior to working additional hours. “Since implementing our pre-approval policy, we have seen a 72% reduction in overtime costs for a savings of $67,825,” states City Council President Fran Adelson. “Fiscal responsibility is paramount, and we are already seeing significant savings from tighter management.”

The significant reduction has been based solely on proper oversight and improved scheduling by departmental management. “Year-over-year, we have seen an overtime reduction of more than $190,000 in just the last three pay periods. This is a tangible example of our newly implemented policies taking effect,” comments City Council Vice President Len Torres. “The drop in overtime costs is a huge leap forward towards our goal of reigning in spending.”

Overtime Handout 2-21-12

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14 thoughts on “Release: City of Long Beach Slashing Overtime Costs”

  1. I’m supportive of the new admin, but a bit skeptical on the real driver behind these numbers. We got slammed…slammed with snow last winter and have basically had a spring-like season this year. might that have anything to do with it?

  2. Let’s see the City post these numbers weekly along with the total City weekly payroll. We shouldn’t have to FOIL for this info. Transparency my friends!

  3. Joe, don’t get overly excited. I don’t know what impact, if any, last year’s snow storms had with overtime. I was just throwing a question out there. Please don’t take it as anything other than speculation.

  4. I just saw this on the

    Its amazing what a little research will find.

    The city recently hired Mike Cruz, a long time democrat friend and supporter and campaigner in the hispanic community. The hiring was done to a newly created position that never existed before. he is paid just over $30,000/year. he was also hired despite the new administration’s promise not top hire hire friends or family, and despite a hiring freeze, and despite a supposed fiscal emergency.

    If that doesn’t make enough sense, check this out.

    Mike Cruz is double dipping. According to the NYS Comptroller’s office Crus collects a state pension (on the taxpayer’s back) for $37, 515/year. He collects the pension from his prior years of service in Long Beach (he apparently had to resign his old position because he could not pass a single civil service exam, and he was given numerous exams!).

    So the democrats friend Mike CRuz collects a $37,000/ years pension and a $50,000 a year salary AT THE SAME TIME!!!

    This is the height of hypocrisy and this new administration has a total disregard for the taxpayers of the city!


    By the way, you can search for anyone who collects a public pension from NY state at

  5. I think we all saw it on the patch- many people read it. And, I also checked the website– Mr. Cruz is collecting a state pension and now a new salary. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t he let go, under NYS ruling, because he couldn’t pass a civil service exam? Why are my tax dollars paying him not once, but now double?? To ad fuel to the fire, and please, please correct me if I am wrong (I hope I am) but is his new job now overseeing that employees must have passed the civil service test, which was in fact the exact reason for his original departure?

  6. With no snow at all this year how much o.t. went for snow removal? One would think none but something like $26,000 went for something. Any ideas?

  7. Can someone address this? Is this true? We know he was hired.
    Was he dismissed for those reasons? Is that his new position?

  8. It’s very clear that the the journalists and bloggers for all the media vehicles need to go back to school for a Stat 101 class. Please take a look at the graph again, pause and think a bit… the glaring questions will arise.

  9. Here is a political payoff my neighbor (a LB Cop) just told me about.

    The PBA President sues the Republicans in City Hall, then he supports the opposing Democrats. The election comes, Democrats win. Now the new Democrat controlled city council, settle the case (before a judge even has the chance to look at the case, for $24,999. Coincidentally, the city council doesn’t have to approve the settlement because only awards of $25,000 have top go to a public hearing before the city council and this is $1 short of that requirement! If that’s not bad enough, the Plaintiff also is getting a promotion tomorrow, actually 2 promotions, to Detective and Lieutenant!

    This new administration is absolutely disgusting. I voted for them, and they are 10 times worse than anything we have ever had before. LB needs to wake up!

    No wonder the city is broke!

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