Food Critique 1 (Joe’s Crab Shack)

The commercials are what drove me to “Eat at Joe’s”!  So last Saturday my friend and I drove to Oceanside to check out the newest franchise eatery.  Joe’s Crab Shack is located at 3501 Long Beach Road, Oceanside, NY 11572 or for those directionally challenged near Stop-n-Shop.

We were seated promptly and then greeted by an exuberant young lady who wrote her name on brown paper towels and provided us with some simple directions, “Use as many towels as you like and just toss them into the pail” that ‘s conveniently placed on your table for the mangled shellfish bodies. We ordered from the large picture menu.  If I were not driving I would have definitely had a great cocktail!  They always look so fabulous in the photos.

As we waited there was a show!  The wait staff in their tie dyed t-shirts (my fav is one that reads” Bite me”) line up and do a dance when the Love Shack song pipes through the speakers.  Joe’s is famous so sayeth it’s commercial for steampots, a basic clambake with crab legs spilling off the side of the black speckled mini lobster pots. The steampots come in varieties to match your palette from Cajun to steamed with wine or beer. We didn’t have them but people at the other tables appeared to be enjoying the succulent crabmeat. Why you may ask did we not partake of the featured item?  Because it’s too much work!

My partner and I had the lobster bisque and New England clam chowder. Both were very yummy but a cup is a mere 4 oz.  As for the rest of the meal. We ordered Coconut Shrimp and the East Coast Platter. We tend to be food critics on the side. Fries were basic. Food was Fair.

We were seated close to the door so each time it opened it was a tad chilly.  The front of the place became crowded quickly. In our 45 or so minutes some people began to walk out, as patience wasn’t on their agenda that day.   The lines got longer at the end of our Stop-n-Shop part of the day, but you can sign in and get a text when you’re table is ready..  If you’re going to give it a whirl-go early.

60 bucks later we were happy for the experience (No, we didn’t buy a souvenir t-shirt) but we’ll go to Jordan’s next time.

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7 thoughts on “Food Critique 1 (Joe’s Crab Shack)”

  1. Cute place…had to go early on a weekday…but hey, this is Long Island…rather go to Jordan’s, either indoors or the outdoor part on a warm day… New Wave Seafood in Wantagh. Seafood there, without the gimmicks.

  2. A national chain restaurant and definitely chain-like, not my cup of chowder for a seafood meal and a casual nite out. I had asked the waiter if he knew where the lobsters came from, he said Jordans, I countered, no, I meant where where originally, like Maine, Canada, Long Island Sound? Again, the answer, Jordans. I can now say I’ve been there —- once.

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