How Much to Pee?

Today Saturday March 3, 2012, Hoboken, New Jersey would have marked its 26th year of having St. Patrick’s Day ahead of the scheduled March 17th

annual event.  Their parade was cancelled with controversy due to “Quality of Life Issues”.  To sum it up. A family event for all had become a drunken

fest for a few. Sound familiar?

The West End has been host to the Ancient Order of Hibernian’s celebration of St. Brendan the Navigator for 22 years.  The parade with the majestic pipe bands and fire trucks from surrounding areas and afar have become muted in the aftermath of the stupid over served who urinate, defecate and fornicate between cars, homes and the sands of our beach.

If you live in the West End you tolerate Irish Day, embrace it full on with family and friends, hope it moves to the East End or leave the City for the day.
It is controversial as is Hoboken’s. Personally, I don’t want to see it go but it has become a day that no longer embraces family tradition but the pocketbooks of the few. I’m unsure who’s pocketbooks so this is why this blog is in the Opinion section, but someone’s making money. At the Listener’s meeting in the West End, citizen’s bought up their concerns about the October celebration. Some want it gone forever, others say “Let it stay” with modifications.

The Hoboken bars decided to continue what they have morphed from a family event to a  celebration with a pub-crawl. Dress up as a leprechaun and you can continue the tradition of being an ass. There is a twist. If you’re going to be an obnoxious pisser in Hoboken you may get fined up to 2000$.

Now, as our fine City makes it’s way out of a fiscal crisis, let’s have a resolution added to the City Council agenda that on October 6, 2012 if you piss on streets be prepared to pay! I invite a LB officer to sit upon my porch. We’ll score 50,000 bucks in three hours!



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5 thoughts on “How Much to Pee?”

  1. Really, an ordinance,yea let’s get goverment active in every aspect of our lives. I think we already have that law and enough of the fiscal crisis BS. The AOH is the main benefactor of this celebration
    along with all the independent businesses in the whole town not just the West End.

  2. Irish Heritage Day should be a family-oriented celebration of Irish Heritage, not a drinking free-for-all.

    Focus on Irish artists, dancers, singers. Invite Irish athletes to sign autographs, give demonstrations (Rory McIlroy?) pool players. Sell traditional Irish food at the booths and not a bunch of cheap t-shirts glorifying drinking. The businesses will still benefit from foot traffic and the community will retain some semblance of sanity.

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