Press Release: City Announces Long Beach Listens Schedule

Long Beach, NY – City Council President Fran Adelson has pledged to offer Long Beach residents a far more open and transparent government.  To this end, she, along with City Council Vice President Len Torres and the rest of the City Council, will be hosting meetings throughout the community under the banner of Long Beach Listens.

Occurring at a different location every month, Long Beach Listens provides residents with an unprecedented opportunity to meet and communicate with City officials like never before.  Below is a list of dates and locations for upcoming meetings:


Date    Time               Location

3/21     7:30pm            St. Mary of the Isle (315 East Walnut Street)

4/4       7:30pm            MLK Center (615 Riverside Boulevard)

5/30     7:30pm            Young Israel (120 Long Beach Boulevard)

6/27     7:30pm            TBD (High-Rise Area)

7/11     7:30pm            TBD (Westholme Section)

The inaugural meeting took place on Monday, February 20 at the West End Community Center with more than 70 residents attending.  A wide array of topics was discussed, including the inherited fiscal crisis, traffic, and bicycle safety. City Council President Fran Adelson and Vice President Len Torres were joined by Council Member Scott J. Mandel, City Manager Jack Schnirman, and Acting Police Commissioner Michael Tangney. Further details concerning future Long Beach Listens meetings, including times and locations, will be posted on the City’s website and social media pages in the coming weeks.

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