Invasion of the Brookhaven Snatchers

Forewarning….sarcasm ahead.


Now I have to Google Brookhaven.

Apparently our City employees are being replaced slowly by citizens from Brookhaven. I have no idea where Brookhaven is other than it’s somewhere in Suffolk and there’s a National Lab I once got lost in while attempting a U-Turn in the county of potato farms and no sidewalks.

I feel as if Long Beach is the newest site for those pod like things from Body Snatchers.

I’m not sure where my feelings lie as I truly had hope for this New Administration.  Reading The Patch, as entertaining as the comments are, my hopes are dwindling quickly.

I’ll write more after I ponder our City’s political backroom crapola. Off to Google.

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4 thoughts on “Invasion of the Brookhaven Snatchers”

  1. 1) Why the secrecy around the emergency meeting?
    2) What happened to the transparency we were promised?
    3) What happened to the promise not to hire “family and friends”
    And what about the heart you promised the Tinman

  2. This is getting a bit out of control. Between Taxi Monopolies, VolleyBall Takeovers, Firing/Demoting Staff, do Zapson and crew think we are dumb, I guess so. They think by putting out all the feel good PR spin and having the media in the bag they can get away with it, ha! They are sadly mistaken.

  3. so, Vinnie, what are we going to do? It is a sad, sad state of affairs here….starting from day one of the new regime. But what?????

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