Mangano will not allow drilling fluid to be carted to Nassau County? (TOXIC FRACK WATER UPDATE)

Larry Moriarty of the Central Long Island Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has updated us on the issue of hydrofracking water being carted and dump in our Nassau County sewage system. He got some promising news from Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, but Larry me that he hasn’t gotten the same email response from Senator Dean Skelos, so let’s keep pressuring the Senator about this:

Written By Larry Moriarty:

Since writing a letter to this blog on the same topic I have had informal conversations with County Executive Ed Mangano and Sentor Dean Skelos. Both expressed to me that they would not allow drilling fluid to be carted to Nassau County. I received an email back from Mangano’s press secretary, Brian Nevin, saying that I could repeat that statement from Mangano to the many concerned groups I belong to including LBSA and Surfrider.

BILL: A07013 would categorize frack fluid as hazardous waste in NY
state. The Bill was sponsored by Assemblyman Harvey Weisenburg, among many, and was passed by the NY State Assembly in June 2011 by more than a 3 to 1 margin (109 Yes to 35 No Votes) and again in February 2012 by a wide margin. This bill would ensure that when waste from fracking, or other drilling methods, meets the definition of hazardous waste, that it be treated in a manner consistent with other hazardous wastes, meaning not dumped in our bays, the Atlantic Ocean or the Long Island Sound.

As stated in the Bill summary, if not treated properly, hazardous waste can, among other concerns, lead to contaminated air, drinking
water, soil, and food. There is no compelling reason why waste
produced from oil and natural gas activities that meets the definition of hazardous waste, should not be subject to the same laws regarding generation, transportation, treatment, storage and disposal as other hazardous wastes.


Follow the progress on this bill here:



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2 thoughts on “Mangano will not allow drilling fluid to be carted to Nassau County? (TOXIC FRACK WATER UPDATE)”

  1. Larry, If County Executive Ed Mangano will not allow fracking or drilling water fluid to be carted to Nassau County then he needs to pass a law to that fact, like Sulffok County did.

    With Nassau County’s plan to lease the Sewer Treatment Plants to a private foreign company, fracking water is a great source for additional revenue. All 3 Sewer Treatment Plants in Nassau County was named on the list of treatment facilities to accept this fluid. Big fracking companies are well funded and can sway future politicians in later years. We cannot take that risk. Pass a law.

  2. We’ve seen with the privatization of Nassau’s bus, that Ed Mangano can not be relied on to negotiate a contract that actually benefits or protects the residents of Nassau County. His answer to everything seems to be “sell it or lease it” for a short term shot of cash so he can claim to have a sound fiscal policy. We need to hammer Denise Ford with our concerns along with Dean Skelos. I, for one, am tired of watching while people with no better qualifications than their big ego run us into the dust.

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