Newsday: Group pushes for Long Beach surfing plan

“In the plan, some stretches would be full-time surfing beaches, others would be open to surfers until noon, and other areas would be used largely for surf school. In the absence of swimmers and bathers, the plan lets lifeguards decide whether to allow surfing, but a yellow flag would signal surfers to exit the water. And this year, stretches of beach on the West End would rotate as surfing beaches during weekends.”

Read more @ NEWSDAY: Group pushes for Long Beach surfing plan (March 8th, 2012)

I am a complete poser when it comes to surfing. I only surf in the summer and I suck. I can catch waves, but I’m stiff as a surfboard riding them in. With that, I am unfamiliar with the surf scene in the West End since I “surf” Pacific Blvd exclusively. So I will ask the experts:

What do you guys think of this new plan?


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One thought on “Newsday: Group pushes for Long Beach surfing plan”

  1. Hey Anthony. I am a proud member of the organization Long Beach Surfer’s Association. Anyone interested in joining please just drop us a line. We meet once a month and its all about positive things in the community. You dont have to be a surfer. Just someone who loves our beaches and wants a clean healthy community as we tackle all sorts of issues that may effect you and your family. From polution to more beach access. With regards to more surf space, we are just trying to bring to the city’s attention a problem in the water. I don’t think we have been allotted another surf beach in the last 20 years. So as time goes on and sport becomes more popular I feel its just the obvious natural progression. Another thing we are working on is recycling on the beach, and getting covers for the trash cans. I know we can all agree there that there is too much trash a the end of the day in summer, and what a shame that it is not recycled. its an easy fix. stay tuned!

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