Piazza on the Summer League Meeting (Be there tonight)

Tonight, the Parks Department will be holding a meeting for the interested parties on the possible takeover of the summer volleyball leagues.

I’ve asked the head of the Parks Department, Bob Piazza, to discuss what he hopes to accomplish tonight. He exampled as follows to me:

Tonight is for the volleyball community to hear the presentation, and others to ask their questions and make their feelings know to The Recreation Department. I really hope those concerned can be there tonight. By now, everyone knows how to reach me (rpiazza@longbeachny.org) and where to find me (at the Rec), but time is of the essence at this point, so I need to have reactions to this by the end of this week. It is then my job to make a recommendation to the City Manager.

So if you’re interested in the developments with the summer volleyball leagues, I’d recommend you head down to the Rec Center at 7PM tonight and hear what everyone has to say.

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12 thoughts on “Piazza on the Summer League Meeting (Be there tonight)”

  1. I have no comments about Volleyball, however, I would like all people posting to know that your identity is at risk. You will NOT be anonymous. Take heed.

  2. My comment about anonymity had nothing to do with volleyball, just with these blogs. I have chosen not to use my name on them and have used a few different aliases over these past few months. However, I have had responses that show my identity has been discovered (and in one case they thought my alias belonged to a good friend.) I am just saying that if you think you are anonymous on these blogs simply because you are not using your name, you are wrong. I don’t know how they do it but they do.

  3. You’re not paranoid if they’re actually out to get you

    – Just an FYI to the users, we’ll never hand out the email addresses you use to comment to anyone. Also this is a small town and with enough brainpower, people can crack your clever nicknames.

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