Bump, Set, Deal (Played out Puns)

It looks like all the frantic Facebooking and last-minute minutes have achieved results that should make all Long Beach volleyballers happy.  Late last night, the Long Beach website posted the below brief statement from City Council President Fran Adelson.

While the statement is short on details, it sounds like the City has backed away from a complete “takeover” of the leagues, but instead will push for standardized fees and increased regulation.  I’ll be updating as I receive more details.

Gary Pollakusky, one of the leading critics and organizers of the City’s initial plan to run the volleyball leagues, told me that after hearing the City’s pitch on Tuesday, “People resoundingly objected” to it.

While I don’t have all the details yet, it looks like the City heard that and has created a compromise.

City Council President Fran Adelson’s statement follows:

The following is a statement from City Council President Fran Adelson concerning volleyball in Long Beach…

We are pleased to announce that East End Volley Ball, Evolutions, and the City of Long Beach will be offering residents and visitors a cohesive volleyball program starting in May. The City would like to thank the league owners for their responsiveness to resident, public safety, and quality of life concerns, and ensuring that the highest level of volleyball will continue to take place on the beach. We are happy to announce that there will be a standardization of fees and procedures to benefit all volleyball players and that additional opportunities for play are being added on Monday nights at a discounted rate. We fully anticipate a fantastic summer of volleyball in Long Beach.

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