SITE NEWS: What the heck is going on with this blog? (we are now mobilized!)

You might have noticed that things look a little different around here. You also might have noticed that this blog has been going through some strange transformations this past week. Well, instead of writing articles, I was busy trying to figure out the best way to mobilize this blog. I am pleased to announce that the blog is now mobilized!

Most new blog services today automatically come with mobile views (blogger, tumblr , etc.). One reason why I use a wordpress blog is because I like to play around with code and customizing, but some stuff just doesn’t come easy – like making the blog mobile compliant. The theme that we were using wasn’t and the mobile experience was driving me crazy. Crazy enough that I needed to fix it. There are several ways to mobilize a wordpress blog:

  1. Plugins –  WPtouch is the most popular, but it’s ugly and you lose features.
  2. Use a mobile WordPress theme via a theme switcher  plugin – which determines what kind of device is viewing the blog and switches to the appropriate theme. This way would have me tinkering with two different themes – one for mobile and one  for computers. I love playing with technology, but two themes would have been way too annoying.
  3. Use a Responsive Theme (html 5 compliant  for the geeks). Responsive themes automatically self-adjust the blog according to screen size being used (mobile phones, tablets, computers). That’s it!

Try it yourself: Click in the bottom right hand corner of your web browser window and drag it all the way to the left so you have a long thin window. You will see that the blog automatically adjusts – hence a more mobile, fluid experience for your viewing pleasure.

Normal View

Mobile View

I still have a bunch of adjustments to make, but I tried to make the site look like it did before. This is when you come in: If anybody notices any bugs, please let me know (contact me).

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