CITY: DecoBike Construction On Hold

Woah, this one almost slipped right past me. The City Website has an update on the controversial-DecoBike plan:

The City has stopped DecoBike’s construction of its bike sharing stations because the work was being done prematurely without proper process. We are currently evaluating the plan that the prior administration signed off on in December concerning station locations, specifically regarding stations in residential areas. (source – DecoBike Construction On Hold)

I am still indifferent with this deal. Part of me doesn’t get it, the other part can actually see it as a benefit to both residents & visitors alike – especially for those who live in high-rises where it’s difficult to have a bike (been there, done that). Plus, I am always in favor of using bikes over automobiles.

But would bike-rentals work here? There was also some concern over our local bike shops getting the shaft, but Decobikes said  they will use local shops for bike repair and maintenance. Would that be enough? I don’t know. Well, from the looks of it, DecoBikes was the previous administrations’ pet project and the new gang has other ideas. Developing…



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14 thoughts on “CITY: DecoBike Construction On Hold”

  1. I think this is a bad idea all around. Transients who come to the beach on the train won’t be using the service. Drivers, the other visitors, don’t need a rental bike. Locals all have their own, if they ride bikes, which, in Long Beach, is not necessarily the safest means of transportation. I remember when this came up on the Patch last year and the talk was that (surprise) the bike company was somehow related to someone in the council or affiliated with their gang. There was something smelly about it. I think it’s just another waste of money which will definitely hurt our local bike rental businesses that have been here forever. I might be convinced differently if you tell me I would magically look like any of the girls in their advertisement!

  2. we don’t need no stinkin DecoBikes. We have enough Bike stores here in LB.. Why should they suffer form these stinkin DecoBike ‘s?

  3. mebythesea (great name), I totally agree with you. But some buildings don’t have storage space and it’s hard for folks that live in those buildings to carry bikes up and down from their apartments. Believe me, I’ve been through that already. That is the only real benefit I can see for some of the residents, but you make some great points with the other issues too.

  4. Having to store the bike in your already too small apartment. Lugging it up and down 8 flights of stairs because most buildings frown upon bikes in elevators.

  5. What’s to frown upon bringing a bike into an elevator? ive never heard of that…..i understand many a building have a bike storage room too…but for those that dont i think its perfectly reasonable to not have to lug a bike up 8 flights…which is a fire hazard in itself should somethin happen to the building….if anyone can weigh in is this frowning upon more common or less common in building bc i havent noticed it in mine

  6. This is ridiculous. No one expects one to carry a bike up 8 flights. Is it in your condo rules? Would it also pertain to two by two strollers? Shopping carts?

    Are parents subjected to this frowning and required to lug a trike and two-wheeler while the children climb/crawl 8 flights?

    Buy a bike rack for your wall if your an avid cyclist. It becomes art. 🙂

  7. I can only speak for my building, which is a rental, not co-op. Bikes are permitted in the elevators but there are quite a few tenants who get annoyed if you attempt to get on the elevator with them…. The issue here is we have no bike room – and believe me out tenants assoc. has made many requests…. The bikes track sand and who knows what all over the hall carpets and into the apartment. If you stop in the hall to clean the bike you block the hall…. The idea might be useful to some of us, but I think we would all be happier if our local businesses were either running it or at least involved.

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