Donuts, Donuts for Sale!

Yummmmm, Donuts.

While our City appears to be crumbling from an inherited fiscal mess or a recent debacle as answers don’t seem to be coming forth too soon. I remind you all of a simpler time.

A while back there was a big hub-ba-loo about Dunkin’ Donuts sneaking into the West End to derail the quality of life by taking over the run down West End Beverage Shoppe.  WENCA and a petition bought dreams of sweetness to a stalemate (get it, stale!)

To the naysayers of doughy fried goodness. Dreams of Boston Crème with a hot cup of java maybe within a contractor’s vision at 891 West Beech Street.

For the directionally challenged it’s right next to the women’s clothing store (also renovating) Rose& Eye on Beech between Wyoming Ave. and Alabama Street.

So check that City Council agenda, you ever know what one will learn!

Resolution Authorizing Publication of a Notice of Public Hearing of an Application to Waive the Off-Street Parking Requirements for Premises: 891 West Beech Street (street floor), Long Beach, New York.

Re: Donut/Coffee Shop

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8 thoughts on “Donuts, Donuts for Sale!”

  1. I am glad that there is a business looking to move into the empty space. However, I would like it not to be a major chain such as Dunkin’ Donuts. We all like the coffee, however, it really does not fit in the nature of the West End. Almost every business in the West End, excluding C-Town, is owned independently and not a major chain. That is something the West End should be proud of. The city council can control this by not waiving the off-street parking requirement. I am really going to be disappointed if a chain moves into the West End.

  2. The west end is filled with plenty of vacant store fronts….too this what everyone considers the “character” of the west end? Don’t be so afraid of a DD and other corporate operations. At least they will pay their water and tax bills while keeping a revenue stream for city hall as well as keeping our taxes down! Everyone needs to wake up!

  3. What ever happened to free enterprise and capitalism? Government should have the right to pick and choose based on a waiver or not of parking requirements? Let them build it and if it survives, more power to them.

  4. It was a publication only announcement regarding the off street parking at 891 West Beech St. There is no mention of Dunkin’ Donuts at all. It appears to be a simple coffee donut shop. Visit your City’s website for developments.

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