LETTER TO THE EDITOR: (DecoBikes) What’s next on our neighborhood streets? A Taco Stand?

As residents of Long Beach, many of us share a similar set of values. Besides placing the highest value on family and a real sense of community, a healthy lifestyle seems to top our list. Biking not only seems to fit that bill – with happy moms, dads and kids riding together on the boardwalk – but it is also just about as beautifully green as you can get: less cars on the road, no burning of fossil fuels, cleaner air and less noise.

Yes, Long Beach is a bicycle friendly town – with possible new bike paths and bike lanes planned for us in our future. But when our law makers permit bike rental stands on our side streets – within the very residential neighborhoods in which we live and play, one has to wonder what the City will allow next on our neighborhood corn

ers … A Taco stand?

For the moment let’s examine how DecoBike’s presence will benefit the residents of Long Beach. Simply put, bike rentals will make our town more attractive to non-residents who will come in, find it easier and more fun to get around, give us their money – and then possibly drop even more money in one or more of our local establishments.

But what kind of model are we setting up if we allow DecoBikes to park their bike stands on our residential streets? Long Beach law prohibits any business from being conducted in residential neighborhoods. Then why should DecoBike be the exception even if our City is benefitting? Where does it stop?

The answer may lie in instead in utilizing a model in other beach towns that offer bike rentals where the stands are placed in commercial areas. Okay, conceptually the DecoBike Official Bike Rental & Sharing Program sounds good. Rent a bike from any station in the city and simply drop off to any station when done. But can’t we rethink this?

Can’t we instead put these rental bike stands in our commercial areas where they belong? Yes it’s nice to ride bicycles on our boardwalk and our roads that are less traveled. But can’t we keep our roads beautifully residential like they should be without a bike and taco stand on every other corner?

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10 thoughts on “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: (DecoBikes) What’s next on our neighborhood streets? A Taco Stand?”

  1. Should we permit Deco Bikes to set up their stands next to the 3 bike shops that pay rent and fees and taxes in Long Beach? Obviously you don’t own a business in LB. These guys have 5 or 6 months to make it and now we let the City cut into their business. What’s next is right! We don’t need Deco Bikes in our neighborhoods or our business districts. Get Government OUT OF BUSINESS !! let them fix the boardwalk.

  2. Have you priced a bike lately. I think they make it enough in 5 or 6 months to last the whole year. The 10 unit bike stands will be wrong on Lafayette and the other residential streets but there is room for such an enterprise in LB. Fixing the Boardwalk costs mucho dineros. Maybe a Taco Stand on the Boardwalk would help. Let the new Public Works Commissioner sort it out. I’m sure he can engineer a viable solution

  3. i would love a taco stand. or a falafal. or a healthy burrito. the vendors on the boardwalk are a joke, all they sell is gatorade and potato chips. even the place in the middle of the boardwalk stinks. nice morning walk around 9am, stop by and ask if they have coffee. nope! really? no coffee? i couldnt think of something more obvious that they should be selling. hundreds of people walking by you before noon and you arent brewing a pot? duh..

  4. i dont know why the city does not make the beach side of Riverside, behind the potato chip stand, into a mall of sorts where they can have tables and trucks that would of course pay a fee and serve foods that do not compete with the beach concessions, you know healthy options…

  5. at a minimum this should be done during the craft fairs to keep the grease from the vendors they have there from leaving their grese on the boardwalk when they are done shovelling zeppoles, gyros and buttered corn at the masses

  6. A Taco stand would be great on my corner, but you know what would be perfect…A pizza place…or a real estate office….NO..a cell phone store….The problem is, there aren’t enough of those types of businesses in LB, and the ones that are, are SO far away…I WISH I HAD A BIKE!

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