Long Beach Fixes (Friday Photography)

A few weeks back I went around town and captured a few of the spots where Hurricane Irene’s wraith was still noticeable.  You can check those photos out here.  I couldn’t help but notice a few days after publishing, the City’s worker bees could be spotted at a number of the places I highlighted.

To give credit where credit is due, I’ve followed up and can happily show how some projects are nearing completion.  Especially pleasing is the work done to the Magnolia Park playground which they are just now wrapping up.

Good job Long Beach.

First up, the now completed deck around the snack shack.  I couldn’t help but notice that some “helpful” residents decided it would be a great idea to tag the shack with graffiti.

A huge crew working to replace the boardwalk at Magnolia Blvd.  Start to finish – about a week.

To me, the most important project, repairing the wall at the Magnolia playground, which is basically done.

Busy digging out the “newly renovated” bathrooms at National Blvd

And finally, this isn’t a picture of a fix, but a problem that I didn’t mention last time.  Sand.  We have a ton of sand where it shouldn’t be.  Here at Grand Blvd, you can see the sand piled as high as what was once a bench.  Hurricane Irene’s storm surge pushed tons of sand from the shore to the boardwalk and easily added 4-5 feet of sand, while pulling it from the water line.  The City has been working for months at different areas working to re-level the sand evenly across the beach, but it’s time consuming and expensive.  Perhaps the City should request volunteers one Saturday for a big “ramp digout” community effort.  I’ll be the first to volunteer with a shovel.  I love digging!

So the City has seemingly finally got a fire lit under its ass and even with the current budget climate, is working to fix much of the damage that lingered after Irene.  Great job, and keep it up.

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  1. I would love to see the bathrooms at Pacific get updated…They look the same as they did when I was a kid…a long, long time ago!! LOL! Plus more shower heads. Should look at Lido West beach to see how nice the little shower area is.

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