NEWSDAY: Some unhappy with Long Beach surf camp site

Candice Ruud writes about surf camps and unhappy Long Beach residents in her recent Newsday article:

Residents of the Ocean Club at Long Beach, a seaside condominium building, last week asked the City Council to not place the Skudin Surf camps on the beach between National and Magnolia boulevards, directly in front of their building.

…”If this comes to be, residents of the Ocean Club and nearby residents will lose much of the benefit of why we chose to buy and live where we do,” said Lorraine Nordlund, 55, who lives in the Ocean Club building. She said at Tuesday’s City Council meeting that she has gathered 67 signatures on a petition to keep the one-block stretch of sand known as National Beach a “family beach.”

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5 thoughts on “NEWSDAY: Some unhappy with Long Beach surf camp site”

  1. We had the surf camp at Monroe last year. I may be really dense, but I can’t see why the surf camp shouldn’t be on one or some of the beaches that have already been designated for surfing…. The beach utilization is one issue but the other problem is the traffic before and after. Cars parked on the sidewalk, at the end, butting the boardwalk, at both ends of the marked spaces because each camper was driven and carpooling must be a foreign concept. It’s bad enough we have the surfers entertaining us with their loud car radios and yelling back and forth to each other as they suit up, this just became a bit too much….. I also question the fairness of private business taking up so much of public property. The precedent has already been set by the Allegria taking over the beach in front of the hotel, now the surf camps. What’s next, canoe rentals? How much income does the city derive from these private enterprises?

  2. Dear City Manager,

    I just found out about the proposed Surf Beach at National from a neighbor who read about it in Newsday. I have to say, I am completely outraged for several reasons. First of all, I should not have to get this information in Newsday! One of your promises was transparency!

    Second, I can tell you, the Hotel has claimed the entire Beach in front of their property for themselves. I am always disturbed by the Hotel. I have bought this up to your administration and nothing was gotten done. Tonight for example, there are 150 screaming 16 year olds impacting my quality of life. The noise level and drunks that drive after any event is staggering. Now you are going to take the only beach that I can walk to away from me? I am handicapped and have a tough time getting to National as it is. If you take my beach away from me, you are taking away the reason I moved to Long Beach to start with. You will force me to move. I can live anywhere if I have to drive the beach! All I have gotten for nothing but higher taxes is aggravation from a Hotel who doesn’t pay taxes on time. Now you are going to tell me to go to the Beach blocks away? The Hotel and their employees take up all the parking on National and surrounding now. You have a Hotel with NO parking holding events for 200 people and their staff leaving no parking for taxpaying residents. Now we should invite the surfers here as well? It will be a circus, an absolute puppet show.

    This would be a very foolish move on your behalf. You will lose tax base revenue. People will move out and you will not be able to resell real estate if you can’t swim on the beach in front of it! How you could make such a decision without a public hearing? It is beyond me. You said more transparency, yet you are giving no form for the people to be heard. Your handling of this so far has proven to have no regard for the residents that actually live here.

    Victoria Flynn
    57B West Broadway

  3. living at lincoln where the surf camp was, it doesnt really create that big of a problem. im actually upset will move. i am in favor of promoting local guys making good. its not like skudin surf is some big corporation coming in. just some guys making a name for long beach in a positive manner. i am all for that

  4. Allegria is drowning in its own debt. How much longer can they last ? You will get your beach back, when the bank finishes the foreclosure and throws them out.

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