Barnum Landing Shopping Center (King Kullen in Island Park)

A few of you have posted and emailed me if I had any updated information on the King Kullen Shopping center that is going up just over the Michael Valente / Long Beach Bridge. So I dug around and found the following press release and development brochure:


01.31.2012 Globe St | 62,675 SF Shopping Center Headed to Island Park

By Carl Gaines

ISLAND PARK, NY-Sabre Real Estate Group has been tapped to market a 62,675-square-foot shopping center currently under construction in Island Park. A King Kullen supermarket will anchor the center once it is completed later this year.

Jayson Siano, managing principal at Sabre Real Estate Group, tells that the King Kullen will take up 39,800 square feet of space at the center, leaving a remaining 22,875 square feet up for grabs in an area that has seen little new retail development of late.

“It’s a unique opportunity because it’s a smaller trade area that joins the communities of Long Beach and Oceanside,” Siano says. “This is a tremendous opportunity for retailers based on the fact that there are not many new grocery store development sites on Long Island in general.”

The Barnum Landing Shopping Center, Siano points out, will sit adjacent to the bridge to Long Beach. “It’s really an extension of the Long Beach community itself so it’s a great opportunity for retailers to access both Long Beach and Oceanside, obviously Island Park as well, with a new exciting development,” he says.

Demographics in the area are favorable for retail as well. More than 300,000 people live within a five-mile radius of the site and those residents have a median household income of $83,555.

When asked what types of retailers have expressed interest in the remaining space, Siano lists all the usual suspects for grocery-anchored spots, including home improvement, fitness and financial institutions. The configuration of the space would lend itself to any of these, he says.

The six-acre shopping center is owned by Barnum Land Development LLC.



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12 thoughts on “Barnum Landing Shopping Center (King Kullen in Island Park)”

  1. wow!! what a mess that is going to be. i kept thinking it was a parking structure as that space was used for all the fist pumpers. I’m sorry, I’m not judging. The only thing I go in there for is Jordan’s. Where are all the people going to park for the clubs/restaurants on a Thurs/Fri/Sat nite? Will those people be able to park in the King Kullen parking lot? I don’t know if you spoke with Paddy’s, Coyote, et al… but i would imagine that they are pissed.

    But, why not? Its Long Island… lets build ANOTHER strip mall!

  2. and one more thing… they mentioned that its great for Island Park and LB residents. LB has a Walbaums and there is a Stop and Shop right down the road. What can they possibly put there that doesn’t exist on Long Beach Rd / Austin Blvd in IP or O-side and/or Park Ave. in LB. Between those main drags, you can get anything and everything.

  3. Island Park has so many vacancies and vacant land “primed for development” already. I am not quite sure what they plan on doing with all this commercial property on such a small island.

    I am not a fan of strip malls myself.. they ultimately create more traffic than any other kind of development you can build. So yeah, it’s a mess.

    Forget about Waldbaums, I wonder how this is going to effect the Associated on E. Park Avenue.

  4. westenddude, FYI – this is a John Vitale project. Vitale owns Bridgeview, Coyote and Paddy McGees. The Island Park Civic association made them make some changes in the traffic patterns for safety. I

  5. i don’t think that associated would have to worry. most people that shop there either live near by or stop on their way home from the Loop going into LB. I would think the majority of associated customers would still stick to that place because of the convenience factor as opposed to driving over the bridge to IP. Just my opinion though and i can only speak from my own preferences. I really don’t know see a LB resident driving across the bridge. Associated for East End residents, Walbaums in the middle and C-town in west end. Between the 3 of them you can get what you are looking for whether it be specialty items, lower cost items, fresh items, etc. Any LB resident would have to pass one of these 3 to go to the new King Kullen.

  6. The left hand turning lane right before the bridge (heading south) is already ridiculously short and causes major traffic headaches. I can only imagine that it will get worse. Also, isn’t King Kullen one of the more expensive supermarkets? I think I will stick with Stop & Shop in Oceanside.

  7. My recollection is that they went through a lot of re-writes on the entrance and exit lanes. I know they did a lot of traffic studies. For example, I recall something about a new straight lane out of the parking lot and accross LB Road, with new lights etc. from which you can turn south or north. I think it may be safe but it just slow everything down even more than usual. .

  8. I’m curious to see how traffic backed up over the bridge will work – in general and when the bridge needs to be opened. You’ll have people stopped in the right lane trying to get into the lot. You’ll have people shooting out of the parking lot making right turns onto LBR/Austin. You’ll have the folks in the middle and left lanes trying to bee-line over to the right. Yeah, as drivers we’ve come to expect this in our daily treks. But to encounter that as you’re cresting a hill? This could be interesting.

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