City With “No Dog Poop” Signs By The Sea

In continuing with our extensive coverage of the ongoing dog poop left on the sidewalk problem here in Long Beach, I was just wondering what your thoughts are with NO PET WASTE signs. Not the official city signs, I’m talking about the ones you buy and display yourself.

Do they work?

What do dog owners think of them?

What do the innocent dog owners who clean up after their pets think of them?

To those who don’t clean up: Does it make you want to leave more of a mess? (you can be anonymous)

Are these signs mean-spirited? Do they ultimately make the homeowner look like the bad guy?


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17 thoughts on “City With “No Dog Poop” Signs By The Sea”

  1. I have one and ut seems to work. I also really do not care what dog owners think about it either. We love dogs but there are too many disrespectful owners that do not care and leave a mess. They also allow the dog to kick up the grass that we have to repair. Keep your dogs on your own lawn or go to a dog park!! People do not obey the citys signs in the meridians either. We have one across the street that says nodogs and people are constantly iver there with their dogs. I wish people would have more respect. We know others that have dogs that agree with us having the sign because they understand the problem.

  2. So has it completely stopped?

    We went to the movies in LB last night – I know I saw some poop on the sidewalks when it was still light out while walking to the theater, but walking home I almost wanted to walk on the street.

  3. The walk from my house to the school bus stop is a land mine of dog waste. 6 year olds don’t pay attention to where they are walking, and apparently there are a few dogs who have inconsiderate owners nearby. The beach is another issue. I run on the beach, and constantly see dogs off leash, who are doing their business, while their owners try to ignore it. This waste is going to still be there in the summer, when we are all trying to enjoy the beach, and children will be digging in the sand. This isn’t something I want my child to be playing with.

  4. I think the signs are trashy looking. I feel the same way about people that put big signs in front of their garage saying NO PARKING. Makes the neighborhood look cheap. I understand why people do it. They are tired of picking up other’s dog waste or dealing with towing a car, I just don’t like all the signs (perhaps because I grew up in the suburbs). Reminds me of that Tesla cover song…

    I think the only way we can really stop the mess is if as a community we become more involved, watching out for our neighbors property. My neighbors and I have witnessed people not picking up and politely corrected them. It still happens, not as much.

  5. It would be way more helpful if the city would actually replenish the dog baggie stations located in various spots throughout the city. The one at Monroe & Shore has been empty for at least 1 1/2 years. I always carry my own bags, but often see other dog people looking very dismayed that the station is empty.

  6. While I think its a good idea to have these stations, dog owners should be responsible enough to bring their own. And to bring more than one just in case. I just can’t get my head around why anyone would think its okay to leave their dog’s mess behind. I have been stuck before without a bag and have either asked a nearby house/store if they could spare me one or went home and got a bag to go back and pick it up. I have also picked up other dog’s waste because I have pride in my town. I encourage everyone to watch and see if people are picking up and if they are not, say something to them, offer them a bag, embarrass them, do anything to stop them from thinking its ok.

  7. Somebody spoke at that last LONG BEACH LISTENS about those stations. I know where is one on Pacific Blvd just south of Park Ave. I would love to see more of them around because I am convinced that some of poop is just from folks who forget to bring a bag. If it cuts down at least 20% then it’s worth it.

  8. I was in Pawleys Island and Murrells Inlet, SC a couple weeks back and notices in the areas by the inlet and beaches, there were dog poop signes and dog poop baggie stations everywhere. I saw no poop. Also, on a related trash issue,the trash and recycling cans on the beach were in low slatted wood “boxes” that kep them from blowing away and captured overflow. LB should have the dog signs, dog bag stations and on the beaches the trash can boxes. Also, the chamber of commerce and City ought to be pitched to have the businesses coordinate cleanup and maintenance of the main commercial areas of Park Ave. It would not only benefit the community but the businesses as well. This is what was done oioin several distinct areas in Manhattan 15 years ago and made a huge difference.

  9. If you need a sign to remind you to pick up after your dog then you are a complete moron! Do you have signs all over your house to remind you to clean up after your newborn? The city needs to place more of these bag/garbage dispensers all over town. It is a shame that tax dollars need to be spent on lazy owners who don’t clean up after their dog. We as a community need to step up to the plate and confront all of these people who are making our town a mine field. The town should fine a person for walking their dog without some kid of bag in hand. My cousin always has a container attached to his dogs leash so that he can’t forget the “doggie bags”…then again he is a responsible owner! This is not just a visual problem this is a health issue! “Hey daddy look what I found in the sand!”

  10. Has anyone ever been issued a fine for not cleaning up after their dog? The town wants some new revenue…just put a new rookie hire on the dog poo beat! Fine every person who doesn’t clean up after their dog a cool grand! That will make people think twice…you have to hit them in their wallet!

  11. I wish the City would send out a mailing containing the ordinance concerning dogs and their waste. They are supposed to use the PUBLIC roadway!!!! Not the sidewalks and grassy strips of their neighbors propery. They are also required to pick up. I’m sure dog owners are unaware of the ordinance by their stupid responses when you tell them to please move on. There already is a fine on the books for this misbehavior.

  12. We have small signs saying “Please Curb Your Dog” and “No Dogs on Grass” and I have actually seen one person allow her dog to urinate right in front of the sign! When I called her on it she replied something to the effect “Oh he’s just little and doesn’t like the pavement.” I pointed out my grandchildren may want to play there and all I got was a shrug. Clearly not everybody thinks the rules apply to them.

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