STOP SIGNS do jack shit.


What the hell is up with all the road rage around here? Some person goes speeds through a stop sign, almost hits me as I pull out of my spot and gets mad at me? He was turning a corner and didn’t stop. This happens to be a corner where kids wait for a school bus (there were kids there when this happened).

Yes, I am using this blog to rant about the road rage I experienced this morning, but this has been an ongoing major problem here in Long Beach.

Let’s start with this: Does anybody know what this sign means:


Here is a hint: It doesn’t mean DON’T STOP. Didn’t we learn about the Stop Sign in Driver’s Ed? I am assuming that everybody with a driver’s license did, unless most of the population was out sick that day.

Well guess what?I have concluded that Stop Signs are nothing, but litter. Yep, they are littering our streets because apparently most drivers don’t even pay attention to them, so what is the point of having them in the first place.

Here is a solution: Get several dozen tons of black top and buckets of yellow paint. Dump speed bumps on every single spot that has a Stop Sign. It might not stop them, but it will surely slow them down. Oh, are you worried about damage to your car? Well if your car gets damaged that’s because you aren’t slowing down and stopping – which means you are BREAKING THE LAW, SO I DON’T CARE.




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  1. The stop sign thing is becoming a problem everywhere. I live in Seaford and the minute I turn the corner to the main street, someone is running an all-way, and speeding through it on a 30 mph street, right by an elementary school! I’m in LB all the time and believe me, I know that stop signs are considered “optional” there as well!! Too bad there’s no such devices as “stop sign cameras” to give out massive tickets!!

  2. I know. I just think cameras are too costly, although the amount of tickets they would get would pay for the whole system within a week.. but there is also that whole “big brother” aspect that makes cameras in residential streets seem weird.

    That is why I think the only solution is speed bumps. You can say “get the cops to patrol more,” but we can’t pay for a police officer to stand on every corner.

  3. I agree with Anthony. Unfortunately, we’re going to need speed bumps on every block. It is ridiculous. I drop my son off at his bus stop on Lincoln and E. Walnut. As a courtesy, I used pull to the right so cars could pass me as my son gathered his belongings. However, no one EVER stopped at the stop sign. They all ROLLED through it and came very close to hitting my son. I’ve actually followed people like a raving lunatic to let them know that they blew the stop sign. Now, I don’t bother to pull over. If my son takes a tad too long getting his things together, too freaking bad!!

  4. Listen. How do you expect someone to stop at a measly old stop sign when they are traveling 50 mph on a side street? That would really wear down the brakes.

    seriously tough, i agree. speed bumps are the only answer. and some nice nail strips

  5. Speed bumps might be the ultimate answer here, but I think we may have run into a situation where our fair city actually has too many stop signs. I’ll try to dig up the study, but know I read over saturation of stop signs can have the opposite effect of what they’re intended for. They either become ‘invisible’ or cause so much frustration for those trying to reach their destination in a timely fashion that they up the ‘rage’ factor and result in people driving faster and more aggressively between and around said signs. I’m not excusing the behavior, just imparting what I read.

    If you ask me (which no one did), we really need to look at the light sequencing on Park Ave. if the city can make traveling down Park less maddening and more efficient, it will reduce the number of frustrated drivers barreling down our residential side streets treating the old stop signs as they were optional.

    Just my 3 cents.

  6. John, I hear you. I have heard that if you drive through Garden City at 30MPH (the village speed limit) you will make every single light. I never tried that myself, but the amount of lights and stop signs definitely contributes to road rage.

  7. We need the police to write tickets. It will serve two very useful purposes. One, if a vigorous program is implemented and acted upon, it will substantially reduce the ridiculously unsafe driving habits of our citizens and visitors. Two, it will generate substantial revenue for the City (cf., parking tickets estimates are part of the budget).

    I walk to/from the train 3 blocks every day and see no less than 2-5 roll throughs in that 5 minutes each way. Makes me feel like my 3 biking children are very safe.

    Very simple solution, with 2 great benefits.

  8. Publius is right. Ongoing enforcement is the answer. The new all way stop signs have helped to save lives and property. Most motorists slow down and defer to the others in the intersection. I see it all the time. Before they were installed, there were a lot more side street accidents. Come to the next City Council meeting and speak to the issue of traffic safety.

  9. Speeding will naturally occur on streets that are too wide – think Olive, etc. In these cases, adding a bike lane would make 2 improvements at once, all with a little bit of paint. It will be a shame if we lose this benefit for this summer because the bikeshare installation is delayed, but that’s another story.

  10. John, you make a very good point about the light sequencing on Park Avenue. If you are trying to get from one side of town to the other, Park Avenue is very aggravating. All the lights are on the same sequence, meaning they are all green or red at the same time. If you are lucky you can make it through three traffic lights on Park between light changes. Some traffic and it could be two lights. It makes for poor traffic flow. People divert onto the side streets out of frustration.

    If the lights on Park Avenue were set in a cascading timed sequence tied to the speed limit, so when driving at the speed limit the traffic light in front of you turns green as you move down the road, this would keep the bulk of east-west traffic on Park Avenue where it belongs.

  11. It happened again this morning. I dropped my son off at the corner of Lincoln and E. Walnut. This time TWO cars rolled right through the stop sign as my son was crossing the street. I was so fed up and I wanted to take a picture of the license plate but the darn passcode on my phone slowed me down. What I really wanted to do was catch up with the driver and give her the finger but I had my daughter in the car. Anthony, maybe if all of us that are fed up with this start taking pictures of the offenders and post them, we can shame them into doing the right thing. Heck, we can even have a section for the poop offenders as well. Something has to be done before someone is hit because, unfortunately, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

  12. Totally agree with all the comments. Especially that we need enforcement.

    My Rant:
    People who make U turns on Broadway to avoid stopping for a red light. They come to the corner and instead of pulling up to the intersection and waiting for the light to turn green, they loop around the corner and go the other way down Broadway.

    Then there are people who pull out of a parking spot or garage on Shore Road and instead of going to the next corner they back out of Shore to the closest corner to avoid going around the block.

    The city is full of traffic problems.

    A tip. If you go east on Broadway from New York Ave at a little under 30MPH you can almost make every light without stopping. Unfortunately there are always those that have to tailgate and/or try to pass you on the side because of the need for speed.

    Put red light cameras on the corner of Park and LB Boulevard. The city will make a pile of money. One or more cars are going through almost every red light at that corner.

  13. i agree with most comments, and it would be great to raise revenue. but let me play devils advocate for a moment. are people blatantly blowing through stop signs at full speed? probably not. they are probably just rolling through. stop acting like its a death machine. its 3 mph. you see them, they see you, you wait for the car to roll through, and everyone carrys on. now if they are actualy driving through then that is unacceptable. but if you stopped for the required 3 seconds (which i doubt anyone truly does, ever try it?) at every street in LB you’d be 80 years old by the time you made it through town. sad but true, too many stop signs just contribute to disgust and rage. make less and maybe they will stop more. too much is too much. I also agree with the comment about park ave. cascading lights like manhatten would be better and keep people off the side streets. and seriously, can we raise the friggin speed limit on the meadowbrook already? its been 55 since ford model T.

  14. There are too many bikers and walkers in this town for folks to hit the brake and roll through at 3-5 miles an hour. Whether that means they need to stop for 1, 3 or 5 seconds is a different question. I’m happy if they stop, look nboth ways and move on. But now 10-25% are tapping brake, and slow-rolling, often at more than 5mph. Just last night walking from the train I had 2 cars going north on Edwards, within 30 seconds of each other tap the brake and roll through at more than 5. There was no stop at all . A brake tap, to take then from say 20mph, to 5-10 as they rolled through. That is not uncommon. I also see folks “racing” from stop sign to stop sign on the east/west streets at 50 mph.

  15. The person in my example didn’t roll through, he actually accelerated at the stop sign when he turned. He was pissed because I was pulling out of my street spot at the same exact time.

  16. I get that no one really comes to a complete stop and waits the required time. I’m talking about when people, like my son, are already half way in the intersection and have to jump back because the drivers just roll on through. Today, the second driver was tailgating the first driver and didn’t even pretend to slow down. She just rolled on through as if they were one car. Unfortunately, every day I have to tell my kids the same thing, ‘assume a car approaching a stop sign (or red light for that matter) is not going to stop. cross only when they actually stop or pass you by (which is usually the case).

  17. Enforcement of the traffic laws and stiff fines from our local judges is the answer. The new “all way” stop sign intersections have made a positive difference. Just ask the people who live near the corner of Lincoln and Olive. The screeching of brakes, fender benders and honking of horns was a way of life until that intersection was made “all way.”

    @Lbgirl612 …Come to the next City Council meeting and speak up and bring pictures. Sending them to Anthony for posting is a very good idea. Together we can make a difference.

  18. I’m with John, there are simply so many stop signs that it turns one mad. If you are going from the east end to the Atlantic Beach Bridge you are pretty much ready to off someone by the time you get there. Take side streets, you’re screwed. Take Park Avenue, you’re screwed. The lighting sequence on Park Avenue appears to have been designed as part of a high school science project. The City needs to get some experienced CE’s in here and make things work.

  19. There seems to be a large number of people who think those red octagonal signs mean Screw The Other Person. The law states one must come to a full stop behind the line and then proceed. That doesn’t even happen at many traffic lights. Frankly, I don’t care how frustrating drivers find the stop signs. If they add five minutes to a trip across town leave earlier! There is no reason for the aggressive attitude many drivers adopt behind the wheel. I think a combination of speed bumps and stop signs may be the answer, along with stepped up enforcement. I do know that at one time, daily when I was leaving for work there was a patrol car parked on Lincoln facing the intersection with Walnut. Perhaps it’s time to ask for it again.

  20. Why would any J.O motorist follow the basic rules of the road and offer courtesy to other motorist , cyclists or pedestrians . When the police dept whose job is to enforce law and set example to all , does not !! They seem to feel that a badge puts them above the law .

    2 years ago a couple of cowboys from LB police dept hit my girlfriend on her bike while crossing the street @ E Park ave & Roosevelt Blvd in a police cruiser . They found it easier to pick her up semi unconscious put her in a police car and drive “HOME” before the ambulance came to her aid . Real professionals that ruined her life . It took forever for a completely false police report to surface . Until this day LB police Dept accepts no responsibility what so ever and have been jerking her around from the time of her accident .

    So how can we expect the family, friends and all drivers that are in relation with the cowboys that run this town to follow rules when they are offered a free pass from the LB police dept . The problems stem from the town officials and all that are in their CLICK .

    When this town wants things to run right , get rid of the cowboys that hide behind their badges and bring in professionals that PROTECT & SERVE ! Speed bumps ,lights ,Cameras are only going to take money from US and put it into the CROOKS hands . They love that !

    Nice Town going DOWN ! Shame .

  21. Marco, really sorry to hear about your girlfriend. I hope she’s ok.

    While I agree with most of what you are saying, speed bumps don’t put money in people’s pockets. they actually slow down speeding cars. That is why I still think it’s a better option than cameras, stop lights, stop signs and patrolling. Most people roll through stop signs. I just want them to slow down when they do it.

  22. found this while researching stop sign cameras / solutions. im in a lesser paradismal area, ghetto for short, and my stop sign is commonly used for 3rd gear power shifting. theres no real answer short of illegal options. there goes one right now… im about to take a hit for the cause, possible driveway pullout “accident”. full coverage should handle it. previous video submissions get about a laugh at the precinct. worse are the corner drifters. Long Beach sounds easy, but we all have children regaurdless. needed to vent, thanks.

  23. Yeah, you know, speed bumps really aren’t the answer. I have them here, they don’t really make a difference. They’re just hella annoying if you drive a corvette (even at 2 mph you still bottom out a little bit). Plus you have to keep in mind that emergency vehicles also have to slow down for speed bumps. It all seems like a good idea until the ambulance makes it to your house 5 seconds too late…

    I guess I’m biased; who isn’t?
    But seriously, I think I’ll just buy some sort of monster truck and run over cars when they cut me off from now on. And it’ll be their fault for running lights/signs. Darwinism at its finest.

  24. Does anyone know that Broadway is not a three lane drag strip? I raged at a princess who almost killed a pedestrian when she tried to pass on the right and I’ll do it again.

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