NEWSDAY: Long Beach boardwalk lights going green

In her Newsday article titled Long Beach boardwalk lights going green, Candice Ruud writes:

“All 98 lights along the city’s boardwalk soon will be refitted with energy-efficient lightbulbs and new fixtures, thanks in large part to a $500,000 grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

The city council already had plans in motion to replace 762 lights throughout the community with more energy-efficient lightbulbs as part of a resolution to spend $416,570 of the grant. Then the city decided to swap out all 98 boardwalk lights as part of the same grant for an additional $43,120″

We first heard about these lights back in April 2010 (read – Happy Earth Day!) when I wrote:

Energy Efficient Street Lighting. Paid for by the Feds, these 762 lights will save us 33% of electric costs per year. Not to mention all those fossil fuels!  Plus, they will last longer than standard lights.

That was so long ago that I pretty much forgot about them. So you say we can save energy and money with this mass-bulb swap? Who can argue with that. Head over to Newsday and read the full article: Long Beach boardwalk lights going green

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8 thoughts on “NEWSDAY: Long Beach boardwalk lights going green”

  1. Most street lighting efficiency upgrade have a payback period of 7 years. They offer the highest ROI of any effiency project one can undertake. That’s why, when you walk into just about any office building in the country and look up, you’ll see high efficiency bulbs. It makes good financial sense. These bulbs last around 15 years, so we’re talking a savings of over (perhaps well over) $100,000 depending on LB’s annual lighting costs. And this doesn’t take into account the savings of not having to pay someone to change the bulbs out every few years. Doing that 700+ times adds up.

    So what’s you favorite food? Is it crow or your foot?

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