NEWSDAY: Jack is saving us $$$$ (Opinion: The New Gang is Listening and Talking)

[Jack] Schnirman sent a memo to the city’s department heads last Wednesday asking each to cut 25 percent in nonsalary lines from what remains of their current fiscal year budget — and to do it by the following day. The city’s fiscal year ends June 30.

“If you cannot reach your targets, I will instruct the comptroller to reduce your department’s budget to meet the target,” the memo read.

Head over to Newsday and read the rest of the article :  Long Beach dept. heads cut nonsalary costs.

Of course not everybody believes that our city is doing enough or anything at all. There are also those who think Long Beach isn’t in a fiscal crisis in the first place [Head over to the LB Patch Blogs if you don’t know what I’m talking about]. I am not going to argue that issue with anybody because it’s all a matter of opinion that does nothing, but make people fight like a bunch of little kids in a school playground.

I will say this: I feel that The New Gang is doing an excellent job communicating with us residents directly and through the media. You can call it ‘political propaganda’, but I don’t recall the last administration even putting once ounce of effort in communicating with us – besides those tainted LB City Beats. The New Gang wants our feedback; they are meeting with us and are encouraging resident participation (Long Beach Listens &  Citizen Budget Advisory Commission). To me, that means a lot. It makes me feel like I have some power and a voice. I like that.



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8 thoughts on “NEWSDAY: Jack is saving us $$$$ (Opinion: The New Gang is Listening and Talking)”

  1. Agreed. And we must be vigilant in watching and pressing the CC. At its most basic, the City needs to cut the cost structure and the CC will need the courage to cut what needs to be cut — headcount and payroll and ensure that the best personnel are in the jobs that remain and are critical to the maintenance and thriving of our City. That is the biggest and most important monster to tackle. On parallel, the CC needs to figure out what can be done to maximize non-residential tax revenues over the long term. They then need to couple those efforts with responsible forecasting/budgeting.

    If you reviewed the information recently provided by the CC, over the last several years there appears to have been a consistent overestimation of revenues and underestimation of costs, creating a yawning chasm that ate up the surplus. On this point, it would be useful to see not just what the gap was (costs vs. revenues), but exactly what the predictions were for each of the prior 5 years (the details only went back one year, if I recall).

  2. Publius, of course. Lately I’ve been posting the “Press Releases” as is – Instead of rewording them as my own. That’s because I want people see what the city gives us verbatim and I don’t want anything left out. It’s interesting to see people’s take on things and I will admit that I am not an expert at interpreting all this info that is given to us.

    I do appreciate all the info they are giving us and I hope it sets up a precedent for admin of the future.

  3. Agreed, the last administration did not do a great job of communicating with us but do not think for one second that all these feel good meetings and info is the whole picture of whats happening behind the scenes.

  4. Schnirman and the Council heard plenty last night. The honeymoon in North Park is OVER. After laying off all the hourly Sanitation and Highway workers (mostly minority) they are getting set to dump Tammy Wilson. The line was drawn last night. North Park residents put these guys in and they will be a big part of their removal. Good job Jack you took on the Seniors last week and the Minorities this week (two of the groups that supported the DEms). Keep it up you will be gone by July. Cops and Firemen are next! Cut your losses now boys, dump this fake.

  5. Residents of Long Beach’s largest minority neighborhood have accused city leaders of abandoning their campaign promises to the community by firing but not hiring people of color.
    About 50 constituents from North Park grilled City Manager Jack Schnirman and three council members Wednesday night at the Long Beach Martin Luther King Center, in the third Long Beach Listens forum offered by the…


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