April Surf (Friday Photography)

In this addition of Friday Photography I’m going to highlight Wednesday’s surprise surf session. In case you don’t remember, we had a bit of a surf contest here over the summer that turned out to be an incredible event. While the circus might be gone, the locals have donned wet suits and “kept the stoke alive” all winter. I wasn’t able to get all the surfers names out there, so if you recognize anyone please let them (and me know).

Back in September, I put together this summary of all one needs to know about Long Beach surf.

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There’s no surf in New York

 Hitting the lip

Down the tube into the sunset

 Floating on the top

 A clean right

Tucking into the barrel

 Not every maneuver works out as planned

Hood-less as the water temp starts getting close to 50 degrees

Long Beach circa 1960 or 2012?

Long Beach – Tube City


A big snap with a lot of spray off the top

Another satisfied customer

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